Bad example, Miley Cyrus

okay well heres the thing..I HATE Miley Cyrus she is a horrible influence for our youth I understand paris britney lindsey doin all that but they are old! miley is 15!my sister is in love with her! && now my sister thinks its alright 2 go out & show her back && 2 wear a wig! my sister is 6! LIKE what the f*ck! im tired of her fake accent shes a freakin no talent hack who gets paid 2 lip synch & wear a blonde will & teach kids that being urself is not enough that you have 2 pretend 2 be someone else! I think dats just plain weird! like seriously does anyone agree with me? shes only famous because of her dad & hes a one hit wonder I mean seriously is this what we want for our youth 2day? I think not next hing you know little 6 year olds are gunna be walkin around is heels showing clevage & wearing crotch length skirts! so give me your opioions about this

Answer #1

omg czechbabigurl1994_21 ma I so agree with you! she is a stinkin 15 yr old 4 heaven sake she has no life 2 talk about unless wearing a fake wig is counted as a life! ta pendeja! lol I just hate herrr!!!I swear if she were 2 stand infront of me I would slap the hell outta her! not even oprah gets that many people! && she actually does something I hope her fame ends really soon! I would love 2 see her fail!!! ugh so much hate…had 2 let it out!

Answer #2

I think, and don’t give me grief, but I agree to a certain degree with what your saying about your sister.

however, every generation has their own boundaries to be pushed and that generation isn’t doing anything abnormal, they’re just ‘rebelling’ or ‘fitting in’ with the new fad.

I totally don’t agree with girls wearing clothes like that at that age, but, when it comes down to it it’s the parnets who facilitate these things. the children can’t buy the clothes themselves.

as her big sister, understand what she’s trying to do, and just try and influence her to focus her energy and enthusiasm on other things more, beneficial to her for the future. as a big sister you have a HUGE influence over her, and she will look towards you for guidance. for example, if she see’s you rebelling against your parents recomendations, she isinclined to do the same (I’m not saying you do, it was an exampl!)

but from what I have seen, she is just ‘a and other fad’ but they’re not ‘teens’ anymore, society has pushed back those boundaries with each generation.

Answer #3

I despise that girl and she is a horrible role model for young girls. shes a slut and her message to kids is that if your famous, your important, and if your not famous, your nothing. that is stupid and I really hate her. both my sisters, ages 10 and 21, love her and I dont know why. and I know that miley is NOT her real name. its destiny, and the only reason I know this is because my 10 year old sister rose told me. and her destiny is to suck and for everyone to hate her. whenever I see her on tv or hear her on the radio I want to throw up and punch someone because shes terrible and she can go drop dead.

Answer #4

Heeyyy I’m really tired rite now but hell yeah I agree with you!!! I hate Miley IF THATS EVEN HER REAL NAME! I hate her and shes always on 24/7!!! Like come on! First shes on tv, then she has her own public youtube videos which adds more attention, then she has a new talk show or something. Like get real!! Why do you need so much attention!?! Every time I go to the family channel her show is on! Why is she sucha big hit? She does not know how to sing nor dance or nothing! She can thank her daddy big time! But still come on… I liked it better when That’s So Raven was on honestly or all the other shows. What’s so wrong about That’s So Raven?! Id pick her shows over Mileys any day!

Answer #5

Haha!! I’d slap her too! Haha naw we would do it together! I know eh.. Like when I first saw her show I thought id be good but then I was like.. what the fck? Whats the point of this? Like serouisly:P Does anyone mind letting me no? Doesn’t Diseny say anything about this tho? And yeah man she doesn’t desereve what she has. Real fame means you gotta word hard for it &&Not let daddy take care of everything…

Answer #6

shes a f**king snob who thinks she is so smart.

Answer #7

its about a girl with a FAKE accent pretending 2 be some no talent hack popstar she aint even cute! if being famous was about being cute I would be the oprah of disney channel lol I would actually try & give a good example but nah she has 2 go screw it up! lol

Answer #8

I AGREE!!!I cant stand miley cyrus!she makes me gag!..she sux at singin and she is a bad influence…shes sooo fake and miley isnt even her real name!

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