Where do i find people who need a babysitter?

I am really desperate for a little cash,I don't like asking my parents for the money and we're struggling with cash so I want to help out too!
First of all, I'm 13
I was thinking of taking a babysitting course and start babysitting. But where can I take the course?
Where do I find the parents who are looking for a babysitter? All my cousins are older than me. Or the younger cousins have older siblings to look after them!
what shall I do?

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my name is taylor, I am 14 years of age. I love kids a lot. I have a sistr and a brother I watch them often but my mom cant pay me. I love to play with them and teach crafts so if you need a baby sitter im free almost every day after 330 and exsept tuesdays. if you would like to have me as your babysitter I am just looking to babysitt the ages born 8years of age. I am very responsible too:) if any qustions or if you no anyone in the area Bedford that needs a babysiotter, the cell number is 419-386-9962. thanks:)

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I need one my damn self!

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Neighbors or family who can refer others to you is one way. Another is Craigslist.com
Post your ad as a babysitter. Or you can check out jobs in Craigslist for someone looking for a babysitter.

Hope this helps.

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Hello my name is Haley I am 12 years old. I am looking forward to babysitting because I need the money so that I can get a new cell phone and so I can get clothes. I am great with babysitting little babys and little kids. I love to watch little kids so if you need a babysitter im here you can reach me at 330 pm to 900 pm at my house phone which is 360-588-4099

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hey my name is lexi,im 14 years old!I need a summer job as in baby sitting because its the only thing I could think of.!its not hard for me because im really good with kids and I understand kids more then most 14 year olds.!

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im 7 and I want to baby sit but I dont know eneny body that needs it please tell me or has a babysitter

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I want to baby sit I am 10 but I can only do it on saturday and sundays

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Visit these sites where you can find so many babysitter jobs http://www.care.com http://www.servicegem.com

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Play with younger kids outside who have parents that you know. Make sure that the parents know who your are and trust you. You will know if parents need a babysitter because their kids will go everywhere with them. It worked for me hope it works for you.

Good Luck!!!

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I am looking for a babysitting job in Windsor, Ontario. I am 12 and a half years old and I am certified with kidsafe canada. please contact me if you need me to baby sit.

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hi im louise and im 13 years old and I am looking for a after school job or a weekend job. I love children, I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. so I am very good at looking after kids. Any age any gender. I good at giving them food, drink, play with their toys with them. And even putting them to bed. I would love too have my own kids sometime. To contact me please Email me on lb-0121@hotmail.com OR call me on 07545781322

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Hello, My name is Tiffany Hendrickson and I am 16 years old. I absolutly LOVE kids. I have 4 nephews 1 neice and another niece on the way. I have been and aunt since I was 10 years olds. I would love to babysit children from the age groupe of newborn- 4 or 5 years old. Also I will be getting my license soon but untill then my mother will have to bring me so it can't be too far from auburn. If anyone has a job for me please give me a call or text me at (603)391-2552 thank you very much!.

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im 14 and I need a summer job and baby sitting is the only thing I can think of..I have 2 neices and a nephew I love little kids and can take good care of them

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im 12 and im free almost every weekend and I have my mom to help if I need it my number is 985-860-2958 if you have any questions call and my house number is 985-594-7822. I live in bourg LA

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well my name is sandy and im 14 going on 15 this june and im looking forward to babysitting your child I do all ages new borns to 11 or 12 years old I am very trust worthy if you want to no more just email me at gremelinawashington@yahoo.com and I will be more than happy to take your call and I live in cleveland so im not trying to go to far out and I am a good dog walker to so if you need me for that then you have the right girl

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im 10 years old and im in need of cash I can a sk my parent but they will say get it on your ownso tel me if you know anybody

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hi im destiny and im 13 years old. I live in Bourbon mo. im a bms cheerleader,and I am in junior beta. I love kids and pets. im really good with all kids and pets. im very honest,reliable, and responsible. I try to be very cheap. and I try to babysit as much as posible. I can babysit for 4-6 hours and I would only charge you $5 an hour. if you need me to babysit your kids just contact me at destinybailey14@yahoo.com.

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Hello, I live in england, Liverpool merseyside. My name is sophie and I am 13, I was hoping for a weekend job, am flexible and reliable, I have lots of experiance with children and I am responsable as my parent will be with me, I can work with children 3+ and play with them, feed them, change nappy's and am good with first aid, I can work around 3 and a half hours and charge only £2 per hour, I have passed my license to cook in school and have a certificut for proof. I love pet's and can be trusted with them, id like to meet new people and have a responsabilaty of being a babysitter and a friend to the parents I hope you choose me you can contact me on msn- xxsophiexxwallace@hotmail.co.uk am also good with domestic cleaning, yours Sw..x

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I want to babysit because I have a baby in I do not have no money in I do not no what else to do cant get my baby nothing I am so sad I need a job please call me at 1414-881-8687 or 1414-610-8498 please help me I need it so if you can please call thank u

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Hi my name is kayla logsdon.Im 13 years of age and im looking for a babysitting job.im not certified but I am getting my licens soon for babysitting.I live in cocoa Florida and if you need a babysitter call me...(321)-208-2013...thank you for your time...<3

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I Wanna BabySit 2 Lol And Im 13 .What Im Gonna Do Is Advertise On A SHop Window Not Far By.You Could Try That Or Advertise In A Local Paper Or Ask People Your Mum Or Dad Knows To See If They Are Interested.

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hello my name is brenda am 16 almost turning 17 and I need a job and I know that babysitting is for me , because I love kids specially babies! any one looking for a baby sitter in dallas or garland texas!!! my e mail is lil_bena214@yahoo.com

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I am 14 years old my name is donece and I would like to babysit.Im good with kids I've been babysitting from age 6 to know.I am in eigth grade and get out of school at 3:30.I could baby sit at my house or the persons house.if anyone would like me to babysit there kids they could email me at doneceraybon@yahoo.com

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I've always babysat for family friends and made good money too well until I turnded 19 and got a job job anywho ask your parents to ask people who work with them if they need babysitters and take on a friends babysitting job if they can't do it one night and if you do a good job the parents will call you back again therefore more money in your pocket

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My name is Afia, I am 16 years old. I love kids. My mother works for a lawyer in the North Brooklyn area, I like this area so if someone is looking for a babysitter in the North Brooklyn area please call me. My preference is North Brooklyn but I am willing to travel to surrounding areas. My hours are flexible. I love reading to children, playing board games, tutoring, helping with homework, I enjoy the outdoors/park. I consider myself to be very responsible person; if you are interested or have any questions please call my number (917) 887-4149. Thank you! looking forward to hearing from you.

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You can for exempel do posters and tell that you want to be babysitter and earn little money. Then put thosw posters on markets' notifications wall. And just wait phonecalls. :) hope you get a parents who need you. :))

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Hey my name is ciara and I am 24 years old and I would like to take up babysitting. I have babysat kids before and i am really good with them. I have babysat kids from 10 months and up. I am a very reliable person and I can babysat at any time after 5 Monday to Friday or after half 4 if its near or in Kilcone area. And anytime on the weekends. I can babysit around the ballybricken or the Morgan street area. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need a babysitter:) Hope to here from you soon:D

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great. thanks.

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I would recommend you look at local neighborhood facebook pages, the community that I live in has one, and there are always people either advertising their services, recommending someone or looking for someone.

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Hello, I am Kaylee I am 11 yrs. old of age and I would like to babysit in the area of Lewisville Tx , zip code area of a little below the 75077 zip code area or a little greater i'm looking to babysit between the age of 4 and 8. I love kids I have a 6 yr old brother and more siblings/cousins to go. My grades are A's and B's. I was in the honor society,gifted and talented, 3yrs of teachers pet, and won spelling B 3yrs in a row! it would be awesome to babysit your child! Although I can only babysit from 3:30 to 7:30 I can not babysit on weekends. I hope this is a good time range for you and you. Please contact me at the number 972-201-5214

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