Babysitting how much do I charge per hour?

If the person im babysitting for asks me how much do I charge per much should I say?

Answer #1

Look on and look at job postings in your area. Take the average. In downtown Chicago, most people pay $10-$12 for one child, and then about $15 for two. I rarely ever see postings for anything under $10 in the city. In the suburbs, I’m sure it’s a little less. I baby-sit an infant and toddler for family, and they pay $15 plus they pay for my parking. If you are driving more than 10 miles or if you have to pay for parking, make sure you are paid for that, as well.

Answer #2

ok right, I’ve just noticed your dealing in dollars,…bare in mind im dealing in pounds.

when I used to babysit,id charge £4 up to 12pm and £6 after that for friends and for strangers £6 hour up to 12 and £7 anything after that & £30 for the night I only charged double if it was more than 2/3 kids which is only fair. hope this helps xx

Answer #3

stick with 6 bucks, unless you have cpr training such as muah. then aware them what kind of training you have been throught and bump up the price a little, maybe 7 or 8 bucks.

Answer #4

it all depends who you’re babysitting for, if you’re babysitting for a neighbour, relative or close friend, then I’d ask them how much they’re willing to pay first. but if it’s for someone you’re not so close to, then I’d say around $5 - $8 per hour! but it also depends on the age of the child!

Answer #5

I would ask how much they are willing to pay, at least then you dont sound as if your over charging them. if they say they dont mind, say something like £4 - £5 :)

Answer #6

When I used to babysit, I always said that for 1 hour or less-$10…2-4hours-$20…4-8hours-$40…and so on. I hated hourly rates since it seemed like I should get more at times. The families I baby sat for thought it was pretty reasonable!

I always had 2 kids, so that’s a factor also. When I’d have a group, I’d charge each set of parents, depending on the number of kids they had. I’d add $3 for each kid if there were more than 2.

I never liked asking for more than that being that I was only a kid myself!

Answer #7

I just charge 10 bucks an hour un less the kid is older like 10 then only like 7 because that child is abled to kinda do its own little thing

Answer #8

under 6’s £5+ hour 6-10 £7+hour then if you have like 4 kids put prices dwn a tad so like 3+5 pounds also charge £2 per kid

soo for eg: FAMILY OF 4 KIDS AGED 2 5 4 7 3+3+3+5+2+2+2+2=£20 per hour-its ok

and if you are yound as I am like 13,14,15 parents might not trust you as much with younger kids so try ask people you know-friends,family,family friends lol keep prices low and you will have more customers

Answer #9

Well, it all depends.

If you are babysitting for a family memeber or really close friend, definetly give them a discount! If not a family memeber or really close friend, don’t give discount. Make it at least 5 to 10 dollars. You don’t want to make it to pricey escpecially in this econimie. If you are licensed and cpr certified, charge more than 5 dollars. If you babysit more than 1 kid, definitley charge more than 5 dollars. Also make sure to charge by the hour. Makes it easier for the parents! Also charge different amunt of money for the differnet ages of kids. Charge more for babies, they are harder to take care of.

Answer #10

I would charge per hour 3,4,5 Yr old $5 per hour 6-10 Yr old $7 per hour 2 months old to 2 years old $2 per hour

Answer #11

I think 4-6 for younger people baby sitting yet it can go up by age and by how many kids you are baby sitting. think are they harder togher or are they more helpful and can they entertain themselfs

Answer #12

umm well in england london they chage upto £40 a child but not many people can affored that so I would say tenner to £15

Answer #13

ide say like 5 to 10 dollars

Answer #14

Yeah I was wondering the same I always look after my neighbours child (who is 6) for free and when I came across this I wondered so … This kid is a nightmare aswel and I usually look after her for 3-6 hours (Usually without charge!) I now think I was being VERY stupid!! Do you think so? x

Answer #15

I live in Grimsby UK and I would like to know how much do I charge per hour for the children 1 years old and 3 years old from 7.30am to 9.30pm. 3 years old I need to take to school and pick up after. Thanks a lot. Regards. Natasha

Answer #16

The general rule is $10 an hour for one kid and then add $5 for every kid after that. So 2 kids would be $15 an hour and three kids would be $20 an hour.

Though, you can probably ask for a little more if any of the kids are under three since they require more work, such as diaper changes and feedings.

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