Baby Prediction

What will our children look like?

I have already used the site makemebabies, but not impressed.

Detail: my hair is naturally strawberry blonde and his medium brown. my eyes are blue/green/gray and his are light blue.

Thanks ;o)

Answer #1

make a punnett square, or just listen to mandyloo because shes right

Answer #2

If childish means clicking no when asked if helpful, then yes. If childish means adding more detail after given a response with not what I was looking for, then yes. If childish also means defending myself when accused of giving bad ratings to someone, sure. All of these things I have stated, but in my opinion, I was and still not being immature. I’m sorry if my wording gave you that idea, but nothing I have said was meant to offend anyone. Reading letters on a screen can only go so far, you’re only left with assumptions from there. Try looking at the glass half full next time. At least with me. I’m not a hurtful person, nor an immature one. On the other hand though, do you know of any other sites like makemebabies or is anyone talented enough to do something like that themselves? Again, my apologies for any offense, none was meant to be negative, nor personal at that. Thanks for anyone’s help, and thank you to those who have tried so far.

Answer #3

I’m not even pregnant. This question is just for fun. I know the baby could look like any mixture of the 2 of us, but it would be fun to see someone try to morphe us together. Something like makemebabies, but just not that site because they look the same in every picture lol.

Answer #4

Sweetie go to google and put in see what my future child will look like and you will see morphing and you can take your and your mans picture and see your baby

Answer #5

Try its pretty fun, I’ve not tried makemebabies but morphthing does make realistic pics of possible kiddos:) My partner and I had quite a bit of fun looking at it…I also uploaded my folks pics and they ended up with a child that looks like my younger brother so give it a go:) the only thing is, its only based on facial features and takes no account of hair, we ended up with blondes but we both have dark hair:D Good Luck:)

Answer #6

getting prego ight elp, then u’ll find out :P

Answer #7

You asked a question I answered you. Geez. Nice rating that’s so childish.

It may be for fun, whatever. You didn’t ask for another website to use, if that would have been your question I would have answered you. You asked what the child would look like, that’s impossible to tell.

Answer #8

No one can really tell you what your child will look like. It depends on if the child carries more prodominate genes of either you or the father. Also, a child can recieve gene’s from either side of your family as well. Even if you dont have red hair, your child could have red hair if your grandfather or father had it, etc. Also, at first babies dont look like either of the parent. A baby looks like a baby, don tbe suprised if it looks nothing like either of you. They start to resemble the parents after the first year.

Answer #9

I think your baby will have light brown hair and grayish-blue eyes. haha,thats just my opinion.

Answer #10

more then likely the baby would have blonde, brownish blonde hair. green/blue eyes

Answer #11

They’re right. You can never predict what your child will look like. My ex and I had a little girl. He’s blonde, blue eyes, pastey skin and I’m dark brown hair, hazel green eyes, pastey skin. Our daughter came out with light brown hair, olive skin, and black eyes (that does’t run in either of our families). You never know how they are going to turn out.

Answer #12

I found out threw my own kids that a red head dad and a dark brown hair mom seams to make blond headed kids. Nothing makes sence does it???

One bit of advice, if you don’t want a kid with a big head and big ears don’t have one with someone who does.

It’s a just a guessing game, but know that just because he is cute don’t mean the baby will be too.

Answer #13

There was no rating mandyloo, it asked if your answer was helpful, I said no because it didn’t. No one here has said anything I didn’t already know. I wasn’t asking for a realistic answer considering this site is called FUN advice. And as I stated afterward, this was supposed to be a fun question with a fun answer. Oh well.

Answer #14

Learn how to word your questions right then my doll. You asked what your child would look like and gave a description of two people.

I answered you.

If you wanted another site to go to, to see what your child would look like if you combined the two pictures, that’s what you should have asked.

Dont be childish my dear.

Answer #15

um I’ll try, but you just never know what will turn out in a child, ok! hair-light brown or most likely blonde eyes-bluish gray or maybe even hazel I hope I helped! Let me know if I did!

Answer #16

I’m actually looking for predicted pictures. Not the colors. Only reason I added more detail about the colors was in case it was hard to tell in the picture. If you go to, you’ll find that if you upload your picture and your partners picture it will show you a predicted child. I wasn’t really impressed by them, as the boy and the girl looked exactly the same haha. So was wondering about other sites like it, or maybe some talented people that can try it themselves with the picture I have provided.

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