Where are baby pageants in ohio?

What and or where are some pageants or baby contests in Northeast Ohio?

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There is Ohio Cinderella.

There's also a whole calendar of Ohio pageants here:

Good luck.

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Is getting your baby concerned with outward appearance and image really what you want to do?

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Im just wondring to people who don't agree, do you look for stuff in which you can debate about? I'm quite confussed on how you popped up on this site. If you don't like something DO something about it, just like the mothers who are putting their kids in pageants, they are creating a way for their daughters to get out there and get moving. If you have so much talking to do, do something start something for girl in which they can get into instead of this... I was looking for Pageants for my daughter and I'm going to put her in them so your advice has donr nothin but take up space.

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I too feel it helps children learn to appreciate themselves and to want to look nice and be recongized for being pretty. In our society looks have to do with everything we do. I do not let my daughter enter into glitz pageants as I do not believe that that much makeup should be on children of a child should wear swim wear. But I know my daughter is 2 and loves to wear pretty dresses and have me curl her hair. She loves to have play dress up even at home..

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There's a baby contest in Parma on Oct. 12 and Youngstown on Oct. 18. You can find out by emailing info@newstardiscovery.com

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To the mom that was attempting to advocate for pageants...please use a dictionary and use grammar correctly. Otherwise, your point is moot. I could care less either way if someone does a pageant or not. To each her own. But if you're going to talk about scholarships, education and networking, you should have class yourself and know the basics of of your own education.

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I am the director of the Ohio American Coed Pageant but we start at age 3. Check out our site at www.ohioamericancoed.com

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also yes getting your child to recognize that appereance reflects them gets them an upper hand because realy thats what does matter sad but true if you go to apply at a good job do you walk in with dirty pajamas uncombed hair fowl breath? no of couse not so learning to be hygenic and dress appropriatlly at the right time will actually have a better chance of being sucsessful, I know when I meet someone I would like them to be clean who wants a ronchy friend. come on people children need fun activitys with other children even the girly ones that dont like to get dirty I know from experience my daughter loves to dress like shes a princess thats what being a little girl is all about...

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