How can we solve our baby blues?

My husband and I have tried to have a baby. Since the time we got married three years ago. I have been pregnant three times, and have lost all four babies, two singles and twins. I have a blood clotting disorder that makes me where I can not carry a child full term, more so.. no longer than 12 weeks. We are very depressed that we can not have the children that we have already made, but other options are outrageously expensive. I know that babies can be expensive. We have looked into adoption and it costs anywhere between $23,000 and up. Having someone else carry the baby is just as expensive. We had a potential 14-year-old girl that was pregnant, that was willing to let us adopt her child. Then our hearts broke all over again. As we started getting the room together, this girl called and advised us that she had went and had an abortion. We both very much believe in the one and only Lord and Savior. We have tried everything. In some way we are feeling that we are starting to run out of options. Deep inside my heart I am tearing apart from wanting to be a mother. I know that my husband and I have wanted children since a young age. I want my husband to be a father, he would be a wonderful father. I donit want to feel like I can not do my part as a wife.

Answer #1

try just being with ur husband for now and think about this carefully i know it shard just stick in there

Answer #2

I know what you mean and am sorry to hear about your losses. I remember going to my grandmothers house and seeing two tiny graves near the front of the house (this is in the country). I asked about it and she said that it was two first children she had.

My grandmother (when she was alive) had 7 living children. My mother has 3 and my sister and I have one each. I’m a man, but there was a point when I really wanted children in the past but it went past too.

I don’t know what to tell you, but I hope you work out an adoption. There are tons of kids out there who need a loving parent like yourself. The number one concern is your health of course, so please be careful with that.

I hope you can fill that void in your life.

Answer #3

I am not sure if anyone will read this agian or not, but I would Love to tell every one that I am currently 7 months pregnant with a baby boy. He will be here in 6 weeks, the doctors will have to take him early so that I can be off my blood thinner. I really appericate everyones advice. Thank you to everyone. Thank you all and God Bless You!!!

Answer #4

Find a couple where the problem is the invert of your problem; the man is that who cannot father a baby, but woman can. Make sex in 4some, and all of you four might have a commony baby that your can love simultanously… the benevolent and cheerful approach is always the best…

Answer #5

just leave it in God’s hands. pray about it. if you’re suppose to have children, he will make it somehow possible. if you’re not then you just wont.

Answer #6

I actually cried when I heard this story. It just proves that you you should never give up. Well done to the both of you and best of luck with your miracle child. Ahh, I’m so happy:)

Answer #7

My friend had this same problem to where she had to give herself shots everyday. I would ask your doctor and see if this is an option. I don’t know if hers was as bad as yours or maybe worse but she has two kids. But had alot of miscarriages. And they say to space out your miscarriage. You are never the same after one. I know I had a couple. But the lord knows best. so just see if your doctor knows about the shot everyday. I don’t really know why she had so many miscarriage. I do know that she had soemthing wrong with her body. Well I hoped I help a little.

Answer #8

I’ve been there. My hubby and I lost 7 total, all boy, but they never found a solution to my problem. I almost died with the last pregnancy (I carried to almost 7 months), so we decided to give up. We were depressed for a long time, had a rough go of it, some marital problems, and then we rearranged our lives and decided what we were still missing was a baby. We looked at adoption, and yes, it’s outrageous. So we became foster parents, thinking we’d end up adopting a child that was 4 or 5 or even older, because they really need homes, too. Instead, we ended up getting a 4 day old baby boy who is perfectly healthy! His mom abandoned him at the hospital. We adopted him, and he’s almost 2 now. So don’t give up. If you really want a child, there are options–money or no money.

Answer #9

Seen your question an it touched me, Im glad to see you have a baby on the way! congrats!

Answer #10

Just hang in there and think positive. How about fostering children? I was a foster kid and lived in a home where there was an infant there since he was born. The parents eventually became the baby’s legal guradian (which is basically adoption) and it was THEIR kid. It’s worth making some phone calls and askign social workers to help you out with placing infants or young children in your home.

Or maybe adopt overseas. I hear it’s much much cheaper there, it just has a wait.

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