Poor Joe Jonas!

poor joe jonas ran into a wall today!! he got stiches . only joe would run into a wall . only joe .

Answer #1

He’s just a human being and human beings are considered idiots when they run into walls. This is also not a question or a request for advice so I’m reporting this.

Answer #2

xD idiot

Answer #3

haha yea he showed he stiches to everybody on a vid and he was acting so halrious (I guess he was acting normal for himself haha)

Answer #4

people.. for crying out looud.. it just proves. joe (as well as the other two ) are just normal teens having fun and living there dream. calm down. its like if you fall or run into a wall.. joe’s just a little clumsy.. but he gets right back up and keeps going.

Answer #5

dude I think that danilleee is right if you are going to take the time to write down your stupid cooments saying this site is for questions then you are taking yp space!!!

Answer #6

dude I think that danilleee is right if you are going to take the time to write down your stupid cooments saying this site is for questions then you are taking yp space!!!

Answer #7

You’re right. Only Joe. haha that’s why Joe is my favorite, because he’s fun..and hot. lol

Answer #8

I mean perezhilton.com

Answer #9

uhmm exuse me? I do love the jonas brothers. and I always will. I’ve loved them for 3 years&I will never stop. why do you care anyway?

Answer #10

uhmm I know what this site is.

you know what, im not going to get myself worked up over this and say things I regret.

sooo sorryy. the jonas brothers just mean a lot to me.

Answer #11

Actually, The Jonas Brothers are good friends with Miley. All 3 of them are.

So saying that Joe hates her is a lie.

None of them hate her.

Answer #12


Answer #13

uhmm I know what this site is.

Well you’re not acting like it. This is NOT a ‘social networking site’ or a blog.

you know what, im not going to get myself worked up over this and say things I regret.

You already have. But feel free to continue and get banned.

sooo sorryy. the jonas brothers just mean a lot to me.

Yeah, they won’t in two years…

Answer #14

aww poor joe I hope he’s ok

Answer #15

not only joe would run into a wall I would I can make muself faint!!!

Answer #16

iidc iif thiis iis a questiiOn Or nOtt !! thanxx for dahh factt danielleee !! jOe iis so funnyy !! andd know he’s nOtt an iidiiOtt !! iit was probablyy an acciidentt !! jObrO’s rockk !!

Answer #17

joe is not an idiot! you take that back!

Answer #18

hahahaha!! I did that too, except it was a tree. I felt like such an idiot… omg!! he got stitches?? how many?? and where?? hahahaha priceless. he’s hot but stupid.

Answer #19

im reading some of these answers and NO he did not RUN INTO a wall, he and his brother Kevin were horsing around backstage, and obviously it was dark, it got out of hand, and he HIT HIS HEAD in the wall DUH!

Answer #20

yaa jonas brothers are amazing and if theres nothin good for you to say about them then keep it to yourself, and dont answer.

Answer #21

Hmm Lets see how I can put this!! I dont like how people is saying that hes hot and stupid or that hes an idiot , or that hes not bright!! Hes not stupid!! He loves to be funny and act crazy and theres nothing wrong with that!! Before he was in the band he wanted to be a comedian so he does all that crazy stuff to be funny!!! This doesnt make him stupid!! ok about his head injury!! He was playing around backstage at a concert in Atlantic City when he hit his head. They were shooting one of there youtube videos and I guess you all know how they act on those they are so funny, so I guess he was trying to be funny and tripped and fell!! And there you go it is true!! And this doesnt make him supid!! Hes a funny guy and thats what I love about him!! He keeps me and a lot of other people laughing!!

Answer #22

thank you peacexlovexjonas!! finally, someone understands me!!

Answer #23

…I don’t.

What I care about, is that you’re wasting FunAdvice web space with your pointless-bloggy-teen-nonsense.

Answer #24

You obviously have no comprehension of the word ‘always’ OR ‘love’

Answer #25

I will always love the jonas brothers.

Answer #26

That probaly it really really hurt

Answer #27

Also, I simply asked if there was proof or if it was a rumor. No harm there.

Answer #28

he was just fooling around. and yeah, I know it’s not a question but I wanted people to know.

Answer #29

It is poor Joe, but I think this is not a question.

Answer #30

ya well people who keep sayin they hate or like the jonas bros…it dont matter…even tho we all love them …theyre just regualr people like us…let them be

Answer #31

Listen, I’m not rying to be rude here. Just informing you of the basics of this site.

No need to swear or get defensive.

Also, there’s nothing you can do to stop me from answering questions.


Answer #32

Nevermind do what you want just don’t send anything to me that would be offensive please!!

Answer #33

If you like the jonas brothers than anserw my pole it is wich joe bro is cutest

Answer #34

That is mean some people really like Joe so don’t make fun of him that’s offensive so maybe you should reconsider that please!!!

Answer #35

‘man I’m still laughing, yeh only joey, what a silly boy, never mind eh it wasnt our fault he shouldnt had all those beers at the first club we went to, we all held our drink but old joey boy just couldnt, ah that kid, did you catch it on film?’ …who the hell are the jonas brothers? and why do people act like celebrities are like they best chums and are on speaking terms with them so talking about their business matters? Sounds like someone falling madly in love with a cartoon character..oh wait people already do..what a mad world..If you like a celebrity thats fine but dont feed yourself on their gossip and pretend you are great chums with them. They are celebrities since people admire them for their talent,style etc..not their slamming into trees and are they horny for miley does-she-have-a-retainer cyrus or is miley does-she-have-a-retainer cyrus horny for him…ahhh

Answer #36

hey I like all of the jonas brothers and especially nick and joe and dude your likeee sooososososos lucky that they live near u… and leave joe alone who cares people run into walls all the time hahaha lmao… well sortaa and people are making a big deal outta it just bc hes a hot over excited extremely hot burning up hot celeb. btwww

can someone please just tell me how to message them like a private message I SSWEAR TO GOD I will not tell any one I mean usually I wouldnt do this bc it is wickedd embarassing but I have to ask them one question please and then again I kinda dont believe you and your probably going to give me like some weird japanese email adress sincerely chellayyy btw the pic is of mee

Answer #37

I’m with you danilleee, I love the Jonas Brothers too. By the way I think Joe ran into the wall while filming that new video on YouTube for their facebook, he was trying to keep the phone book on his face and it fell off and he went with it and ran into the wall. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him when I found out that he got stitches I wanted to give him a hug and tell it was all right and about the time I ran into my bathroom door and broke my glasses, that would make him feel better. Anyway, with you all the way, and thank you for posting this. Jonas Brothers rock, now and forever! Jo-bro fan

Answer #38

haha joe is not the brightest crayon in the box… but you gotta love him. but he had to get some of his beautiful hair cut off to be able to get the stitches. It was right above his forehead smack dab on his hairline.. so they had to shave a section to be able to do the stitches properlly.. but it wasnt noticable because he styled his hair differently for a few months till it grew back. hahaha.. poor joe.

Answer #39

This site is for posting questions to get an answer. Not for posting stuff about celebrities. If you want to tell people, I suggest finding a Jonas Brothers fan site or messag board.

I’m not trying to be rude, but most of us here don’t care. We’re here for advice and to give advice. If we wanted celebrity gossip, we would read tabloids and teen magazines.

By the way, is there proof to the story or is it just a rumor?

Answer #40

joeseph adam jonas is my sexyyy beast.


Answer #41

He was just fooling around…? So… he’s not very bright then…

Sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever understand the latest fads…

Answer #42

noo he hates her.

Answer #43

I love the jonas brothers danielles right if you dont care about them dont bother relping to it simple as that jezze lol

Answer #44

How Would you know

Answer #45

awww poor joe Jonas awww are you okk Joe Jonas???

Answer #46

Idiot Lol Hes a stupid horny looser he tied to screw miley cyrus

Answer #47

not only joe would run into a wall I would I can make muself faint!!!

Answer #48

I will always love the jonas brothers even in a million years!!! They mean so much to me to! props to you daniellee

Answer #49

Oh! That stinks!!

Answer #50

Well, if he runs into a wall… I wouldn’t consider him to be the brightest crayon in the box.

Answer #51

He isnt the only person who would run into I wall my Nickname is also Danger I I fall and run over thing all the time!! LOVE you JOE JONAS!!!

Answer #52

No offense to you guys but joe didnt run into a wall he got cut with glass and he tripped all you retards who thinks he ran into the wall

P.S. Thats my future brother inlaw youre talkin about. oh and nicholas jerry jonas is all mine

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