what are your avourite pizza topping?

mine is green peppers, double cheese, pesto, fetta, artichoke, tomato, spinnach and onion…its really good :)

Answer #1

wow o_o all of that on one pizza? lol

Answer #2

lol….yea…theres a few really good pizza places around here and they can fit all my toppings :P

Answer #3

Cheese and peppers and pineapple. :]

Answer #4

Mmm that does sound good. Minus the green peppers and onion. Pizza with green sauce is actually really good.. (I don’t remember what it is, though lol)

Answer #5

wow…that is a lot of toppings! (o),(o) lol

I usually go for 1 topping..either mushrooms, green olives or onions…never together…like once I will get half a pie with mushrooms or green olives or onions(depending on my mood) while the other half is plain because some people dont like toppings on their pizza…they just add the garlic powder and crushed chili powder to it. hey gotta be considerate to other people’s taste buds too ya know! :P

Answer #6

the green sauce is usually pesto :P but yea its really good :)

Answer #7

lol….well my boyfriends mom works at a family run pizza place and im a vegetarian as well and my boyfriend didnt think he would like the pizza but we are always trying new things together :P and we usually get a pizza thats big enough for the two of us

Answer #8

I am a fan of deep dish cheese pizza from Chicagos in of coarse Chicago. I like it with spinach and mushrooms sometimes too. It is the only pizza I will eat. I get it everytime I visit my parents.

Answer #9

i go for meat on my pizza like pepperoni,ham,sausage ect i dont eat it all the time because of all the fat which comes out of it.

Answer #10

I always order a pizza with no pizza sauce, extra cheese, pepperoni, and jalepenos.

Answer #11


Answer #12

awesome…pizza is fun in my opinion….no matter with whom you share it with…it’s just a fun thing to have/share…makes everyone around smile for some reason! :)

Answer #13

yea….its amazing :)

Answer #14

hmm…no pizza sauce? thats verry interesting…never heard of it….i think i might try it some day :)

Answer #15

** supposed to say “favourite” pizza toppig….just noticed the typo…sorry about that

Answer #16

hmmm i like the meat feasts so like beef n peppers, but I had this pizza once (that was gone off) it was only 99p and it had goats cheese, caramelised red onions and like rocket mmmmmm was lush

Answer #17

My favorite would be artichoke hearts though this isn’t available everywhere. Capers are also unusual but very good on pizza. While mozzarella is traditional, goat cheese, feta, Parmesan, and asiago are nice changes,

My favorite pizza from more standard ingredients would be mushrooms, bell pepper, and black olive.

At most pizza parlors the more ingredients you order the less they put of each one. This is why a lot of people order single topping pizzas. More ingredients cost more but doesn’t mean more topping. This isn’t just to rip people off; if you pile too much toppings on pizza it may not bake right and too many vegetables can make pizza soggy. It would be nice if they didn’t charge extra though.

Answer #18

i get my pizza free because when i eat it i am usually with my boyfriend and his mom and grandma work at a family run pizza place :P

Answer #19

I like basil and tomato. I’m a vegetarian, so no pepperoni!! (:

Answer #20

I like basil and tomato. I’m a vegetarian, so no pepperoni!! (:

Answer #21

im a vegetarian too…..i just like putting a lot of stuff on my pizza :)

Answer #22

woo hoo for pizza…lets all have a pizza p a r t a a a y!!!:P

Answer #23

:O we should! that would be awsome….now i want pizza really badly XD

Answer #24


Answer #25

ALWAYS Pepperoni………….now you made me hungry

Answer #26

hehe…that happened to me too a while back…we were all talking about getting pizza & then after wards I so wanted it…thank god I lived in NY at the time…just called them up and in 45 mins…whoop there it is…:P too too funny!

Answer #27

lol XD nice

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