Do you ever avoid answering a question due to the conflict it may cause?

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I do sometimes, just because I know someone is always going to have something smart to say, or argue from their own point of view so sometimes I just don’t do it because I hate that. I avoid answering relion, politics and stuff because sometimes that brings conflict, depending on what the question is asking…

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i avoid answering a question if i know im gonna get millions of alerst about it, like i love alerst but when they are for other ppls questions and i get millions of ppl telling me theyv answered irritates me ><

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me too…..

its the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine.

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haha yh but cassie u dont mind getting into fights, i get really stressed and out of control ><

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Not yet I haven’t. :P

If someone comes asking for advice and the only solution I know of has the possibility to cause problems, well do you want a solution or not?

I’ll warn them of ways it can go wrong regardless.

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I’ve generally always been a pretty patient person. It has its downsides.

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haha lucky! when i get angry my bipolar gets outa control and say all sorts.. haha as uv probably observed in the past ><

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Never…I say bring it on! :P If you are afraid of getting wet dont go out in the rain…sort of speak. :)

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No comment….

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oi thats my yank, find you own lol

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I mean seriously how boring would life be w/o a bit of this & a bit of that…need a bit of conflicts…as long as it doesnt turn into gum…all sticky & full of drama. :P

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No, because everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs… and so long as you are not being rude, disrespectful, discriminating, or vulgar, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

People may not agree with your answer, but that’s fine… they don’t have to, but you have a right to be able to answer whatever you want on here. If they didn’t want answers, then they shouldn’t have asked everyone the question!

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No, I like to express my thoughts. I dont care if it starts conflict, as long as it gets my message along, im fine.

Answer #16

Like I always say, Absof*nlutely! :P

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it depends on if i feel like starting a ‘heated discussion’ on a given topic, i will jump into the thick of it and answer with what ever intelligence i possess on whatever subject i am giving an answer to. i will point out obvious facts and give my opinion, certain groups however are usually closed minded enough to ignore facts- but hey it makes it fun nevertheless .

if i am not in the mood i will sometimes pass on a question.

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Yes I do. I know it is bad but I would rather keep my mouth shut and deal with it myself instead of having this argument. it is bad words that I can not stand listening.

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nothing is boring with you

Answer #21

♥ u Matt…I try to keep it flowing…:)

Answer #22

Yeah sometimes, if the question is about religion I try to stay away from it.

Answer #23

In some cases I do, especially if I know it’s the same argument over and over again.

Answer #24

u dont need to baby its in your talk.

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