Average weight for 13 year old girls

What would be a good size 4 a 5'2 13 year old girl

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General Chart:

Height and Weights for Teen Girls

Age Range Height Weight Percentile
12-13 years 60 – 63 inches 95 – 105 lbs 50% <<<
14-15 years 63 – 64 inches 105 – 115 lbs 50%
16-17 years 64 inches 115 – 120 lbs 50%
18-20 years 64 inches 125 – 130 lbs 50%

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I am 13 and 5"6 and I think the best weight for a 5"2 year old girl is minimum of 5.7 stone to 8.7 stone, but dont worry if your slightly over, you do grow out of it!

The average weight for 13 year old girls?
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95 to 105 pounds would put you at the 50 percentile of teen girls your age and height.
Average Teenager Weight


Average weight for 14 year old girls
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I am 13 and I am '5' '2' and I weigh 95 pounds. I do compitition dance. so I am dancing a lot

What is the average weight of a 14 year old girl?
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if you was 13 pounds you would be dead.

How much weight can the average 13 year old lift?
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I only weigh 6 stone and im 14.

average weight for a 15 year old girl?
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probably 100...???

How much should a 14 year old girl weight?
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um... well I'm also 13 and im 5'1". I weigh around 107-ish but I've also been eating a LOT recently! lol. I'm usually like a size 0 or a 00. my waist is 23.5 in. when I shop in kids sections of stores I usually wear a 12 or a youth large. in adult stores or in adult sections or in jr. sections im an x-small or 0 or 00. I guess im pretty average. during the school year I lose weight so im closer to like 100 lbs. you should probably be similar to me, but it also depends on your bone structure. hoped this helped! :)

average height for 15 year old girls?
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am I underweight ... I am 5 feet tall and I weigh 70 pounds, but I do gymnastics.

Is 116 a good weight for a 14 year old girl in highschool
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I only weigh thirteen pounds.and I am 34 years old.

average weight for an 17 teen year old female at 5"4.
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type in BMI calculator into google

What is a normal 13 year old girl breast size?
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BMI is a horrible indicator of healthy weight. it does not take into account the muscle weight vs the weight of fat.

Instead, as you are still young, don't focus on weight, especially since you will be changing a lot in the next few years. just remain active, eat healthy, and I am sure you will be fine.

In all honesty, there are only two people who can tell you if you are where you should be, you and your Physician.

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