What is the average cost for movers in your area?

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This is a head scratcher...see, I lived in an area in the US where it was more than 250% the national average :) You live in an area where...well, they pay people to live there, right? :) So it really depends on the cost of living where you are at, which then determines wages, taxes, all sorts of other things.

To move from our 4 bedroom house into a storage unit (packing was just done once, and unloading into storage) cost about $1,000 - however, most of the stuff was already boxed up.

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Lol, they don't pay people to live here silly, but ya the cost of living is dirt and a cow patty. I was just curious about throughout the country/world for comparison. I'm pretty sure for my 3 bed place it'll only cost a few hundred, maybe even less because Aaron's will move our entire living room because we bought our stuff from them. We'll see :)

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The best way is to google the area movers or just visit the following professional movers for more help just like [link removed] [link removed] [link removed]

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