Are friends automatically added?

So now we have a feature where we can see what our friends are doing. Right. Well, why is it that when someone adds me as their friend, it then says on their page I added THEM too, when I never did such a thing? Once someone adds you do you automatically become their friend as well?

Answer #1

Ah ha! Fixed it. Sorry… I should have checked out the new Edit profile stuff more thoroughly!

Answer #2

Also, think I might have found a bug…

On someone’s friend’s activity log, it said that I’d added chaseman4u2 as a friend (right above it saying thedude had added chaseman4u2 as a friend). Problem is, I didn’t add chaseman4u2 as a friend - looks like he added me, but when I go to his profile page it still gives me the option of adding him as a friend. Plus, thedude, don’t you add everyone as a friend when they sign up? I think the whatchamacallit is getting some of the names order wrong - instead of danbob added chaseman4u2 as a friend, it should have been chaseman4u2 added danbob as a friend?

No disrespect to chaseman4u2 of course…

Answer #3

I assume that must be the case - I went to add someone as my friend, and it told me they were already my friend. And, upon checking my friends list, there are people in there I never added (and I’m not talking about thedude and econsult1 either) - and when I go to those people’s profiles, it gives me the option of adding them as a friend still. Yet, if I was to click on the “add me as a friend link” it tells me they are already my friend, but the alert on other people’s profiles still says that I added that person as a friend. I’m not sure the whole setup is quite working as it was meant to?

Answer #4

Also, I should add that the note below “thedude had added chaseman4u2 as a friend” was “thedude answered Vanilla. Goes better with chocolate cake or cookies ;) Preferably, vanilla be…”. That might help date the problem a little…

Answer #5

Okay, I just figured it out! There is an option when you go to ‘edit’ your profile that says ‘manage my friends’. Click it, then you can choose to let people add you automatically or you can decide whether or not to add them!

Answer #6

Aha… indeed you’re right, heathershaw05… that explains a lot. So, if we don’t want people adding us automatically and them showing up on our own friends list, we just change the option.

Answer #7

Yes, sorry about that…it’s a new feature, as we were trying to bring our “friend” functionality into the realm of compatibility & similarity as other social networks.

The “edit profile” link lets you decide who is & isn’t a friend, or you can have it set to approve friends automatically.

Answer #8

Maybe it’s because it’s not automatic so you’re supposed to approve. They send the buddy request and you admit saying you added cause you approve. Or at least that’s what I think.

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