Australia, has anyone been?

Has anybody ever been to australia? I’ve wanted to go there since I was 11..its my dream! so if you have been there, tell me if its worth going and what it is like and stuff.

Answer #1

Well.. I live here in Ozzie, I have been to every state, and I lived in Queensland for 11 years, and Victoria for 5 now..

I think It is very worth visiting. Depend on what you like.. so here is a my advice: 1: if you are a huge shopping person Visit Melbourne, the city is filled with stores and great Shops, especially Louis Vuitton (has a sale on atm) 2: If you love beaches and nice calm resorts Queensland is the place to go!! (Cairns and the GREAT BARRIER REEF is amazing oh and Aussie Zoo, I use to go there all the time when I was little). 3: If you like bush walks and camping, and hot weather Go to Northern Territory, Darwin is Spectacular, just dont go swimming around june (crocodile infested) 4: Canberra is the right place if your into science and technology, all the big museums and stuff are great. 5: If you like mountains and enjoy learning about culture, South Australia is awesome, Adelaid is a nice relaxing forest kinda state. 6: Western Australia is our biggest state, and has a lot of things to do, Beach, shopping and Entertainment… But you have to drive for hours to get to the bloody place.. 7: New Soth Wales (Sydney), many people visit Sydney to have fun. you have one of the biggest Beaches in the world here (Bondi Beach), the shopping is wonderful, this is the entertainment state..Pubs, restaurants everything, motels, hotels, resorts, whatever you are looking for its all jamed into one little state SYDNEY!!! 8: Tasmaina, the little island state, is great. you can visit the chocolate factory yumm, my school camp was to tasmania, and we loved it, the boat rides, the people were nice, the air was refreshing, just a beautiful scenory to look at on holiday!

But then again, you could visit all 8 of our states and Enjoy AUSTRALIA!!!

Hope that helped =) xx kaila

Answer #2

I love australia. The beaches, the monuments, the BBQ’S. mmm, bbq’s.

Answer #3

I live in Oz, and I reckon it’s pretty cool. Definateley worth visiting.

Answer #4

I always go to Brisbane when I go to australia. I really like Mooloolahba, which is about and hour from brisbane airport, the beaches are beautiful, the people are happy, friendly and really nice! the malls are awesome. the shopping is wicked! I love it there!

Answer #5

well I live here! (in australia) its pretty good, most things are more laid back than in other countries its kind of hard to describe what its like because its all just normal to me! haha, but yeah the beach is nice and the shops and stuff is pretty good… it really depends on what specific stuff you want to know about!

Answer #6

I love Australia, I live here, and, though I have never been out of it sheepish smile It is the best country ever! Though, I am perfectly willing to admit I do have a BIT of a biased opinion. Actually, I have never been out of western australia, but if one state makes me think that, imagine what the rest will be like! Britz

Answer #7

you might want to talk to odal, he lives there…

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