What's a good audition song for america's got talent?

I am auditioning for the show on nbc called americas got talent, and I really need a song that will help me stand out from the crowd. in the past when I have done talent shows etc. I usually sing something by alicia keys or christina agueliera...but this time I feel like those are too generic. PLEASE give me some suggestions.

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I'm not going to put down a specific song, but I believe you should do a song that has RANGE. Like not just a few keys. Judges are looking for people that can sing may things. So good luck.

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OK if your REALLY going to be on the show then will we know it's u?? well anyway The Jonas Brothers. Sing Just friends, That's Just The Way We Roll, Year 3,000, or SOS. The Jonas Brothers are so great. So a lot of people will vote 4 u!!!
If you decide not to take the best band in thw wotld to sing their song then try Miley Cyrus's song See You Again or Nobody's Perfect. There are a lot of people who love her. I mean her movie was so sold out that they had to extend it!!! so then there will probable be a lot of people that (like her) that will vote for u. (and if you sing the song good.) Ok and the last sweetest song that I can think of is A Moment lIke This by Kelly Clarkson. That song means a lot, so listen and if you want to and like. !!SING!!

Well I really hope you pick ONE of my songs!!
:) Bubblicous97 :)

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you should choose a song that uses a range of octaves so you can show the judges how well you can sing and shows off your talent. choose one that you know well and feel most comfortable in singing don't choose one you will struggle with. try to choose one that not many other people will sing so that you stand out.
Good Luck

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I love Fever..such a classic :)
Oh and also..youmust sing a song that you feel comfortable singing, yet it should be original. Sing a song that shows your best talent.
Good luck :)

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yes, I agree with stella! I think older songs will be the best options... a lot of people will try to sing contemporary stuff. I honestly don't see a lot of people singing fever, it can be complicated to sing sometimes!

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I would go with alicia keys and remember let them really hear you.stay confident.once again CONGRATULTIONS!!!GOOD LUCK!!!

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A little tip: Try not to pick a song that you know a lot of other auditionees might possibly do. If you do an unique song it will show individuality - think ahead of the game ;)

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ooo did you make it?

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im auditioning for the show my self I dont know what song to sing either.

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well a lot of people usally sing pop or country so try something rock and roll if you don't like the hevier stuff go for the balleds

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try some older songs like some paula abdul. if you can sing to christina agularayou can sing to almost anything! good luck!

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you should try fever (or give me fever) by peggy lee.
older songs are good to do!

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so aim I don't know either.r you going in ny this saturdy if so matybe see you there

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