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Okay. I am trying to eat healthy and exercise daily. Also, I am working on toe touches, handstands, cartwheels, herkies, and cheerleading movements. Eventually I am going to have to know how to do a back-handspring, double toe-touch, a round-off back hand-spring, and a tuck. My question is: What do you eat each day to keep up strenghth, help gain muscle, but not gain weight. Also, what exercises do you do and how often? Any other tips?

Answer #1

Almost any excesise is good. I get bored excersising so most of the time I just dance around to music. As for food just keep balanced meals I eat about 6 meals a day spaced out evenly. Please funmail me if you want ANYTHING!

Answer #2

just eat healthy.. no fast food, no junk and chocolate, not a lot of fried food. boiled and baked food is good for you. fish is also good for you. drink a lot of water and no soda and cut back on the five meals a day but small portions. strech a lot and get sum cardio in running is good for you.but your goal is too gain muscle and burn fat so get sum small weights and start lifting!!!

Answer #3

Alm08 did a good job explaining it.

Answer #4

I totally agree with alm08, another thing if you want to get those backhandsprings perfectionized here some tips. If your bridge isnt good, then practice that. This is key, with a nice and flexible back all you need is guts. Well guts and stregth. It´s hard to practice these sort of thing on your own at home, but try to sort throw yourself back in the same way you do on a mat but just on you bed. The second you actually dare to push your body backwards everything because way easier. I recently got injured (while practicing backhandspring-tuck-tuck… major stresso;) and now I´m like super scared every time, can´t even to a back handspring, it sucks so much.. Cause I know I can do it, it´s just I dont dare to. … But anyways I´m drifting waaayyy off the subject.

For double toetouches: I don´t know if you are familiar with technique jumps. Like just a t-jump, frog-jump and such. But if you do practice these, if you make them perfect everything will just go with the flow. Double Toe Touches can be really hard if you dont land on your toes and immidiately kick thos legs right back up, if you slop your body then it´s going to take a whole lot of more energy and strenght to get those legs where they should be. Just when you land after you first one, tighten and tighten. I actually think that when I do double toetouches my second one is better because then I have more “speed”, if you get what I´m saying. And always, I mean always focus on having your arms in a t- motion and roll those ancles back (but still pointed!” and if anything really important this is: HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK, if you lean your back forward your whole body is like spagghetthi.

Now let me see, what more can I say. YES STRETCH and stretch, do some easy weights, push ups. situps. Also kicking you leg up and down (so that you can grab it and do a heel stretch), but not actually grabbing your foot, will make you legs stronger en you´ll also practice flexibility and your toetouch gets improved by this.

And if you want more cheeradvice, don´t hesitate. I LOVE helping with this sort of stuff :D:D:D:D I hope you get to be a superb cheerleader. Lots of cheerspirit from me, Nora. And have a merry christmas and a happy new year! (But don´t forget cheerleading while your at it ;D)

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