Can you attend college at any age even if you didn't graduate high school?

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Yes...tho you might have to get your GED, or take a qualifying exam for certain classes. But you see 40 - 60 y/o's going to're never too old.

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Usually schools will have a program/track for adults over the age of 21, where you go back and you dont need to have the same sort of things (e.g. the SATs). Obviously, if you're trying to apply the regular way, your SATs have to be current. So within the last 3-5 years depending on the school. You should contact the school and explain the situation. In my school the dept is called continuing education, but I really dont know if that's the name all schools give it.

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yess im 14 and my friend willy who is 15 is already in university he is so smart he just got excepted in a university in california ...

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oppsssss... i didnt read the lil sentenceeee :P then yes u can but u will have to go to like an adult school and get ur deploma first...

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You need a GED, then you can.


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The answer you got from Phrannie was exactly right. Good luck, never to late for college.

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YES YOU CAN!! There ARE and SHOULD be Colleges/Institutes where you can attend while going for your college degree and High school diploma. It'd be best for you to go to the Library and speak with an employee/librarian for help with this. You can also get Training. But, if you really want to get your diploma you should go for it no matter what. There also was an older man, I dont know of what age, that was going to an Institute close to my house. And I asked why, he said "because I want something to do. I dont want to be at home." So, don't put up an excuse. Dont let anything stop you 'cuz there are others in a worse situation. Good luck!!

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