Attacking other members in public - not OK

Just a friendly reminder, we’re not here to attack other members. Not in public and ideally, not in private. However, we can’t stop you from verbal attacks in private, but if you get reported, we will delete, disable or otherwise remove you from the system.

We expect tolerance. FunAdvice is a global community. :) So smile, give yourself a hug, and remember: life is short, we all share the same planet and breath the same air. If we can’t get along, the human race has no hope.

Irregardless of your religion or faith, I believe we all have hope that the world will become a better place through positive actions, and that negativity will lead nowhere. :) Thanks.

Answer #1

Understand - hope this will apply to ALL, including Advisors…Take care !!

Answer #2

I think people just need to get to know others before they judge them, no matter what questions they have asked in the past, etc. I have learned that on here, I was hard on someone because I felt their question was out of mind comparing to the questions the user had previously asked. Eventually, I decided helping her would be the only way to be an adult about it all. So, I apologized and got to know her more… and sooner realized shes an amazing person, and shares a lot of similarities as I do. So for people who hate on others, get to know someone before you decide to dis-like someone. And if you still don’t like them after that, keep it to yourself.

The main reason why I find a lot of the harassing happens is because the user asks a question and if someone says something they don’t want to see, they automatically attack them. Which isn’t okay at all. When people post questions on here, they should expect to read some advice they may not want to see. Its part of life though, it really is. Just seems low to go attack someone just because they gave their honest opinion. Its okay to explain yourself more if you don’t get the advice you want, but to go harass someone about it is totally unacceptable.

I also find that sometimes I post an answer or comment and I don’t feel as though I’m being rude or anything, then I go read it the next day and go “wow, that was harsh”. Its just one of those things I guess, and I’m trying my best to prevent it. I’m slowly learning to keep my frustration to myself.

Answer #3


Anytime you have an issue, please let me know. Use the “report abuse” link, or drop me a fun mail, or use the contact form (at bottom of the page).

I read every abuse report we get, even though the site is 7x bigger than it was last year at this time.

Answer #4

AKA some times the truth hurts but thats just what we need to hear sometimes.and attacking people is not going to change the facts no matter what we say we are all in this together.♥♥♥

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