How can i assure my boyfriend not to worry about me when i go to the beach?

Im going to myrtle beach with my aunt and uncle and cousin, but my ex boyfriend(that i dumped) might go cause my cousin and him are good friends but my boyfriend is afraid something bad will happen, i try to do everything to prove to him i only want him.

Answer #1

well txt him=)

Answer #2

It’s a sucky situation, but in the end relationships should be built on trust and he should be able to trust that you wont do anything or something is lacking in your relationship to begin with. Just text him when you get free time, write him letters, call him, just make sure he knows that hes on your mind even though your away on vacation.

Answer #3

girl,, its perfectly fine to make guys a little jealous sometimes ;) you think that when guys go to the beach their gonna be thinking about their gf’s the whole time? when their half naked girls everywhere? just have fun :)

Answer #4

I agree with Mandyloo. Maybe it’s not that he doesn’t trust you though. With guys… it’s like a lion protecting his clan. He just doesn’t want anything to happen to you, or for his heart to lose what it hold dear, which is you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust you, he just wants to be extra sure. Becuz in all honesty, nothing is ever guarenteed in human life.

Answer #5

its not a very hard situation,u can call him,or one time go with eachother to the beach,so u can proof him there is nothing to worry about

Answer #6

well… u could ask him to come with you and if he denies he doesn’t care as much as he should… but it also ensures that you have nothing to hide from him by inviting him!

Answer #7

some way you have to gain all of his trust you,if i had guys looking at my beutiful girlfriend i would take it as a compliment as long as they didn’t cross the line.and you have to control what you wear,don’t make it obvious that you want to be seen or by appearace asking for comes in all considerate of his feelings because he don’t want to share you with everyones fantacies so treat him like your his girl and only his.good luck

Answer #8

Gagh! Trust ias a gift we dont have to earn. it is done out of love. Jelousy is a sign of low self esteem. It is also a wasted emotion. How and why do I trust you? Because I love you period! I want you to have a nive trip to the beach without having to validate my security. If I am emotionally fit, I am OK to trust you. 1.) Because I love you and 2.) because with or with out you and whatever actions you decide to take, I am fine. I was 100% OK when we met, and I am 100% a whole person when or if you choose to leave.

  Or, you guys can text each other every five minutes, and not have any of the growth that will take place in each others absence.
Answer #9

someone said they were 100% before he met his girlfriend and he will be 100% ok if and when she decided to leave but i can’t agree with that answer because the way it’s stated and the way i can interpratate the answer is he don’t cae one way or another if she stays or leaves.and no disrespect to the person who made that statement but it sounds like she was a convenience and nothing more.if i love a women and she left me no matter what the terms of the breakup were,i would still be hurt and heart broken.she was a part of my liufe and now she’s not,that takes some real getting used to and it’s not easy if it was true love

Answer #10

Its not that we love less. . .it is that we love more! These are my opinions, but I believe hollywood and the entertainment industry have us believing that relationships are meant for completion. They are not. Relationships are meant for augmentation. As if by myself, I am not a whole person. no, no, no! I am a whole person when when I meet someone, so I am able to love them without needing anything from them. That is healthy.

In this relationship both partners are free to love eachother and provide mutual companionship. Interdependant, as opposed to co-dependant. And, if things dont work out we can end our relationship in a mature fasion. Does this mean I do not feel pain in the absence of this person? Absolutely not. It hurts. When a relationship ends and we set the person we loved free, mourning the end of the relationship, but wishing the other person total happiness with someone new, then we have matured.
Answer #11

If you mean that he worries wether if other guys would try hitting on you, you can tell him and promise him that you won’t fall for other guys just like that. There’s also a trick- try making him understand that while making out together, it always works. :)

Answer #12

lern how 2 swim duh! haha, but if u dun lik sunburn, or swim then dun beach, but b hellz confident in ur own skinz lyk i am, cuz wen u find urselfz is wen he will c wat u truly r. i luv u babez, hope u get wat u want from him, damn boyz hahahalololololzzz!!! and vampiresz!!!!

Answer #13


Answer #14

totez!!! she hellz duznt no wat shes goin on bout!!?!?

Answer #15

i like this answer, but i do feel that texting him every five minutes will get old and get annoying when you are trying to have a fun vacation. just tell him how it is, and if he gives you crap about it, then most likely if he’s goig to be that jealous then just break it. because when people are that jealous they can control you and that’s not cool at all. hope this helps also.

Answer #16

after reading all the answers on this subject,i’m beginning to think your boyfriend has a confidence problem.i had a girlfriend whom i thought was the women of my dreams but for some reason every time we got into a conversation one of her ex boyfriends names came up and i mean through out the i’m thinking and i might be wrong that he is very insecure with himself and i can appreciate that because i’m sorta the same way.what ever you do or whatever you say isn’t going to change how his ind works,there’s always going to be that one thing that eats away at him that makes him think your going to do something your not supposed to do.i had to let my girlfriend go because there wasn’t anything she could do to make me trust her 100%.i constantly worried where she was and who she was with and what they were doing.but she created that image and that feeling of mistrust that i have and i just can’t shake it and there was no getting rid of are probably a very pretty girl and i can see how he would worry .he’s afraid he might have to share you with someone else.i really hope things work out between the two of you

Answer #17

.. You aren’t texting, or on even msn. Either speak/type properly or if its not worth the trouble of typing out full words, then keep it to yourself.

Answer #18

make him believe you and if you and him have and good relationship and are trustworthy your bf shouldnt have anything to worry about

Answer #19

will you can ask your boyfriend to go with you that way your ex boyfriend wont try to make any moves on you. i think you and your boyfriend should go together and should stay away from your ex boyfriend..

Answer #20

please spell some-what correctly at least….please?

Answer #21

tell him you’re not in love with your ex and not to worry because other family members will be there.

Answer #22

Just tell him everything is going to be alright. And call him often to check in and make him feel better. that’s what I’d do.

Answer #23

There are some factors to consider here…

“Baby I just worry about you” when you are out doing regular, everyday things is often, usually, the jealous insecure man’s way to hide his true fears and low self esteem. And jealous, insecure men, only make abusive partners in the end.

It could also be that you are the type of young woman who is vulnerable and easy prey to certain types of people and he truly is just worried about your ability to handle yourself. If that’s the case, it’s a matter of you needing to instill confidence in him that you can handle yourself. But maybe it’s time to soul search….are you a strong, independent young woman or are you a bit needy and naive?

If you are strong and independent, then really, there is just no room in life for a man who makes you feel guilty for going to the beach because he can’t sit with the thought of you having fun in a bikini without him.

If you are a bit weak willed, easily influenced into bad ideas, etc., then he probably has a right to worry and I’d actually be telling him to run from the hills from you! lol. No harmful intent there, sweets, it’s just the truth of the matter.

My 19 year old neice is VERY strong, independent, works full time and has a lot going for her. Her boyfriend is not doing as well as her and can’t even stand the thought of her driving for 10 minutes by herself without calling because he’s “worried” about her. But it’s just excuses for him to keep tabs on her. He doesn’t feel good enough for her (and really, he’s not! lol) and so he is afraid the first real man she encounters is going to just sweep her right off her feet. Which, hopefully will happen! I don’t know how my niece puts up with all his phone calls and neediness, though. Ugh.

Good luck!

Answer #24

Why are you assuming that the bf has low self esteem maybe he just misses her. I miss my gf all the time when she’s not with me, she’s like me other half. The only thing I have to say in this relationship is there shouldn’t be any worrying and only trust. Don’t have a guy make you think twice about just having some fun, just stay honest and tell him what he means to you and reassure that nothing will change or happen if you two love each other.

Answer #25

Because she’s not talking about going out of town for a a few weeks or days, she’s talking about going to the beach. ;)

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