Why do you love arts and crafts?

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Bucause when you are doing them you feel free.. Free from eveything in this world. You just sit there and make what you want and make it how you want and you release your feelings in it often and it is just a beautiful thing! You are using your head and your heart with art. (: It makes you feel happy that is why...(:

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Cuz u can make differant things, and it keeps the kids occupied, and then they are proud of wat they have made

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Because when im doing arts, and crafts i feel free to express myself through drawings pictures and all things that i cant do in other circumstances, i can create what i like and invasion great things which i can attempt, even if they fail quite often i still enjoy that feeling of hope and that it will turn into something special and fun and nice :).

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I love that nothing is right or wrong and thzt with art is where you can be truly unique.

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Because its very relaxing an takes your mind away from other things of the day!

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it puts the creative mind to good use as with my mind if i have nothing to do i get really bad anxiety because of my little problems. it gives me something i can do much better than my older sister who seems perfect and keeps my hyperactive hands busy as well as my insecure mind while i create something i could never do with anyone else. (i prefer making things on my own. blame my mother. she never let me do anything on my own. i hope this will change when i start carpentry next year)

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it is my favorite thng to do it sometimes it just gets my mind off of things or it jut helps me relax from my wierd family i also love to be very creative cuz i have a lot of creativity and i just dont really know y but i just love arts and crafts it can be very fun at times but also very stressful at other times :)

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I can express myself on paper and then take it and hang it somewhere. It helps me get my feelings out and lets me draw the world in my perspective. When I'm drawing, I feel like I'm in another world where every line and color matters....And I can create what I envision...sometimes xD

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Dido on what Lily said! That is totally why I love art!.....& crafting is a form of art! :o)

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I love arts and crafts, I just let myself go and disappear into a world of my own. Time stops until what I have set myself to do is complete.

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because you can create your own world and be free from this one <3

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art is just my passion since school

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