What are some good art schools located in america - preferably the west coast?

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Well, it depends on what kind of art.
There's Juilliard - geared more towards dance, music, and theatre. (New York)
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (Connecticut)
Marylhurst University (Oregon)
California Institute of the Arts (California....obviously.)
UCLA (California)
Carnagie Mellon College of Fine Arts (Pennsylvania)

Unless you didn't mean college. In which case, I am way off track.

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yea i meant college, and i was looking more into fine arts like painting ect.

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Okay well all of those except for the first are geared towards fine arts. I am pretty sure.
I know most of them aren't on the west coast though. :/

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Also, Art Institute in Pasadena, California. Probably the best for graphic art in the world. To be a fine artist, just do it. No one can teach you what you want to do, even the basics. Doingness brings about knowingness of what one wants. Once you have the style, composition, feel and the emotion of what you want to do get an agent who will sell your work for you. All the big boys do that. In the mean time you can display your work in street fairs. Get known and you'll be alright.

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Two more: California College of the Arts (Oakland - a relatively inexpensive city, by California standards), and California Institute of the Arts (Valencia).

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Otis, where, in LA?

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