What is the best armour for a sword fighter?

For current use, practical, light(ish) armour that will protect from sword blows, shield parrys ect.

Answer #1

Full plate mail - covers you head to toe, makes it near impossible for a sword to get through, however it’s heavy, restricts movement and you have to be really strong to exert yourself in it…and you move very slow when you’re decked out that way, not to mention you usually need a lot of time to get suited up.

Answer #2

you seem to know alot about this… you’re not part of a weird medieval society or something are you?

Answer #3

Played dungeons and dragons growing up, attended a couple of SCA meetings, and watched two of their renaissance festival things…eg, where everybody dresses up like they’re from the middle ages :)

Answer #4

Which is the heaviest piece? Is it the shield? :O

Answer #5

that’s helpful thank you but i need a light armour, like chainmail but is there something stronger?

Answer #6

i was thinking of duel weilding either a long and short sword(left and right respectivly) and two katanas so no sheild

Answer #7

Japanese style armor I’m not as familiar with…the Samurai get up was pretty light on bottom, heavy on top, with simple plates that wrapped the leg at the thigh & calf, etc.

Thing is though, you also have more points of vulnerability…not to mention that unless you’re really, really good with your off hand, that second sword will trip you up more than anything else :)

Answer #8

“Breast plate” or the shield, two heaviest pieces, but depends on the size of the shield…if you have one of those full body shields instead of a small round buckler style sheild, it’s far heavier.

Answer #9

lol, ‘’breast plate’’… Sorry, I feel like I’m mocking the armour but yeah… Fancy name, thanks for the insight! :)

Answer #10

i’m fine with having a mash of different types as long as they work together, so a platemail vest and chain arms ect… suggestions

Answer #11

most importantly what shoes or type of shoes?

Answer #12

Chainmail is NOT light armor. I don’t know if you consider 35 pounds to be light or not, but I definitely would not consider that light. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with armor. I do viking reenactment and that’s about it. I know shields are useful, I personally wouldn’t fight without one but that’s about all I can offer you. And chainmail is quite strong, against slashing blows at least. Arrows, not as much.

Answer #13

it’s mainly against other swords so far, or other close weapons. what other materials could i use?

Answer #14

Other than chainmail? Not sure, unless you wanted to do something with leather. It would be lighter, and still offer some protection, just not as much. And your movement would be less restricted.

Answer #15

I am not a expert so you cant take what I say for 100% but some thoughts. Plate armor is very heavy and restricting, but gives the best defense. Chain armor is lighter, and moves better, its good against slashing but piercing blows like a jab can split the armor so it would not be as good. Samurai armor can ether be layered plate or bamboo. Layered plate is were instead of one large chest plate say as plate armor you have many smaller plates attached together by maybe leather, that overlap each other. This allows for strong defense but still allows a little movement. Maybe like large scales. Later armor was mixed to be even smaller scales of plating allowing even more movement. Its still very heavy tho and the separating of the plates give it more weak points. Plate separating was also later done in plate armor outside of Samurai armor as well. still giving the same weak points. Bamboo armor would be along the same lines, ether as layered or full plates its much lighter but not as strong.

I would recommend a mixture of layered plate and chain armor. You would have ok movement, good defense and it would not be as heavy as full plate. Also a good round shield made of metal not wood. Yes its heavy but would be less likely to brake.

Getting armor fitted, which it really should be can be very costly.

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