Which arm rest is yours at a movie theater?

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The right cuz I'm left handed :-)

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Lol... funny. :P

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This is why I take my boys, I take both LOL.

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Whichever one you want. :]
If you are right handed, you get the right one. If you are left handed, you get the left one.

If they are both taken, politely ask if you can use one... if they say no, move to a seat with nobody beside you.

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Well if u think about it my right arm wud b rested and holding the popcorn or watever and my left wud b in the air, so I use the right :-)

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Well not really in the air but u know wat I mean

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Well it depends what kind of seats are at the movies. If the end seats have an arm rest on the very end, then either one is yours. But if there is no arm rest on the outside of the very end-of-the-row seat, then it makes sense that for everyone sitting on the right of the centre, the left arm rest is yours, and for everyone sitting on the left of the centre, you get the right one.

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I take both being as when I go, I sit away from everyone else.

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both. unless im with a girl, which then it's whichever arm that isnt around them.

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Whichever one I want...or both :)

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