arguements and questions

ok so you have this question and people answers it, well somewhere in all the answers people starts arguin. sometimes its bout the questions and sometimes it isn. why do people argue at the question instead of funmailing that person or whatever?? I have done the same, so dont start sayin well youve done it too, so you dont need to talk, im guilty too. im pretty sure we all have done it at least once. (if you say no, you must be new LOL) it seems like everyone does it

Answer #1

It depends on the type of question it is. Some issues are debatable and there is no harm in debating something on line with people. You actually learn by debating and hearing other sides to things. It’s sad that a lot of people can’t handle debating something without getting personal and throwing around curse words though.

Answer #2

People should be able to disagree in nicer ways…like you dont need to be sarcastic or rude or swear just cause you dont agree with someone. I think thats why people argue, cause some people dont know how to say things nicely or politely without being offensive

Answer #3

It’s human nature to voice one’s opinion, but sometimes someone says something off-the-wall and then it starts; arguing. Sometimes it’s appropriate and sometimes it’s not.

Answer #4

people are bound to disagree on things, usually they can just keep on topic and debate the topic but occasionally they resort to personal attacks. just human nature.

Answer #5

yes, sometimes someone makes a statement in their answer that just is not right, and then people begin to focus on that part of the answer- to either correct it or to attack someone and make a point. but some questions are attacks in themselves, and the only true response can be a counter-attack. to me sometimes the argument can be fun, and sometimes inappropriate, there are such a diverse group of people on this site, people are bound to disagree. the only thing we can do is state our opinions- hopefully stick to the facts, present facts in opposition, and maybe bicker a little bit here and there. its FUN-advice. and yes I am guilty as well- on occasion.

Answer #6

No I love when someone post a question and then people give there feed back and the person that asked the question wants to start to argue about their response, Just stupid. Don’t ask a question if you can’t handle to hear all sides of the question.

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