Are younger people liking the classic stuff?

I listen to the radio a lot, and I have to admit, I don’t think rock today is nearly as good as it was in the past. I know that makes me sound like a crusty old b*stard, but it’s my view. I hear a song I like every now and again, like “Remedy” or “Paralyzer”. But, I’ll take Zeppelin, the Doors, Clapton, and Skynyrd over just about anything that hits the airwaves today.

So I used to think I should just listen to that music when I’m by myself or with a couple good friends, since younger people would probably try to direct me to an AARP office.

But I do notice quite a few of the young people taking an interest in classic rock these days. I even heard “Message in a Bottle” and “Land Down Under” play in a bar the other night. I mean, a college bar. And the young people loved it! It was a nice break from Mims and Shakira.

So since the average age of this board is HS and college age, what do you think of classic rock?

Answer #1

Classics are classics because we love them. If people like us didn’t still prefer it to modern mainstream stuff, you’d never see a Led Zeppelin hoodie or a poster with The Doors on it. Skynyrd even had a track on guitar hero.

Personally, I enjoy the classic rock. But I also like some of the new stuff, just not the stuff that gets air time on the radio. I notice a lot of the indie and sort of underground bands have a little more classic rock sound to them and I listen to that.

Answer #2

I think classic rock is great.. from some of the stuff I’ve heard. I don’t listen to radio much .. but I don’t think I like that new “hip” stuff either.. hah, I don’t know.. I LOVE THE STROKES! .. I don’t know what you consider them, hah :)

Answer #3

I listen to classic stuff all the time lol. =D

Answer #4

My dad is a fan of classic rock, southern rock, blues, old school heavy metal. My mom is a fan of motown, classic rock, Rod Stewart and Carole King are two of her favorites. I’ve actually gone to see Rod Stewart with her 3 times :) As a result of all of that music in my house I grew up liking that those genres until I was old enough to discover new music. When I was 13 I discovered metal, and I’ve been a diehard fan ever since.

If you saw my Myspace page and the list of bands on there you’d probably never guess unless you knew me personally that I love: Rod Stewart, Journey, Foreigner, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, REO Speedwagon, Duke Ellington, Robert Johnson, Kansas, Bill Withers, Blues Image. Along with classical music, blues, reggae (so much fun to dance to!). And of course essential bands of the 80’s: Guns n’ Roses, Poison, Skid Row, Motley Crue :)

Answer #5

I love the oldies…

Answer #6

I like classic rock, do-wop, soul, and all that sort of thing.

Answer #7

I love the classics! I like guns & roses, metallica, iron maiden, black sabbath, poison, I like em all! we should talk sumtime man. im only 16..and my family is like “shut up you don’t even know who poison is” I have “look what the cat dragged in on casset tape”

Answer #8

My opinion is that your right. classic rock is cool. But I really dont know why , like you said, young people is liking this kind of music. I dont know how old they are or if thyre classic rock but my personal favorites are slipknot, marilyn manson and kiss.

Answer #9

I love the classics… not only rock but all the oldies. I think a lot more people have interest in classic rock nowadays because of guitar hero.. but maybe thats just my opinion.

Answer #10

I love classic rock :]

Answer #11

Anyone listen to CLASSICAL?

Mozart, Donizetti, Schuman?

Answer #12

classical music make me feel rich and shyt I love it =D

Answer #13

I listen to classical when I’m in the mood for it.

Answer #14

I like classic rock. Not all of it, but some.

A lot of kids in my school are real into classic rock.

Answer #15

I. Love. Old. Classic. Rock. Some are gay. Bit. Most of them rock.

Answer #16

I like EVERYTHING from ragtime to metal to rap…whatever lol

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