Are you afraid of haunted houses.

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Not really, if I'm by myself I would be.

What are some haunted places that you've heard or went to?

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I'm sort of afraid of haunted houses.
I try not to go in them as much as I used to as a child.
But, some of my family used to force me to join them in haunted houses when Ceater Point have their Halloween weekends.
Now, I don't have to be forced to go into haunted houses.

If I said my house was haunted...
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I love haunted houses both kinds I used to go to the halloween ones all the time I tried paranormal investigation to disprove it though I dont belive in ghosts I love the feeling when you dont know for sure

I think my house is haunted...Please Help!

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depends if the ghost are good or bad and what they do to me and if they like me or not

people who are haunted, pyschics, or both?

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