Are vampires real

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First of all the sky is blue and that can be proved and another thing is that those site s and all of the other sites match up so unless you are saying everyone is lying go ahead I won't stop you.

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mesinger: You need to rethink what's considered "proof". An obscure web page saying something is true is not "proof" any more than I can "prove" the sky is green by putting up a site that says it is.

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Yes, Heheheh... I'm a vampire!!

Heres proof of my exstents as a V.A.M.P.I.R.E!!! *Hiss!!*

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Wait, so they have to be right because they all say the same thing? If all it takes for something to be true is for lots of people to say the same thing, then I guess the moon landing was faked, failing to forward chain letters really will cause horrible things to happen to you, and Elvis really is alive and well.

Come on, you need a better standard of evidence than 'everyone says' if you want to convince anyone. And for the record, no, I don't believe they're all lying: Some are lying, some are caught up in fantasy, and some honestly believe what the others are saying and are repeating them.

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Yes,and No.
Yes,there are actually cults of people who drink each others blood,and stay out all night.Also known as "Night Stalkers".
But No,they dont turn into bats and fly away.

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I'm not a vampire but I kinda wish I was hehe, it'd be pretty fun.
But I've heard there are people that actually drink blood, in like cults and stuff. But I don't think they can transform or fly.

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it depends on what you really mean by vampire, some people sleep in coffin beads, have had their teech changed to be like a vamps., and only go out at night, so it really depends on your pov, and acctually in a way I kinda am, I strongly prefer night and darkness, I LOVE bats, and my kanine teeth are a bit sharper then some peoples
(at least I dont think most people can cut their tounge easily as me)

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yeah im a vampire my name is Bella and im married to Edward Cullen

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No they are not real. The closest to vampires are bats

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no they're not real.
And no I'm not.
Now there is such a thing as
bats but that's different.

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Yup. * Hiss*

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yes there is such things as vampires... I want 2 B one so bad... you should watch Dracula 3000 it was so cool and sexy..

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damn someone already did the twilight joke urghhh I so wish I was bella and that I was married to edward cullen aww I wish the cullens existed I'd like to be their kind of vampire that would be awesome woo december 19th england ahh rob we love u

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I AM NOT A VAMPIRE, but I am a Witch. Here is what I have been telling everyone lately, VAMPIRES ARE REAL, hear ARE TWO SITES THAT PROVE THAT:

There is only one way I can think of and even that may not work but go to:

There are a couple others too:
and this is very improbable but here is an immortality spell:

I doubt these spells work as I have not tried them but if you REALLY want to become a vampire or an immortal then you can try. Just remember that these are permanent effects if they work!

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