How do you become a vampire?

I want to be a vampire! But in a none painful way.. Is that real or are people just making that up? Are vampires just humans who drink blood.

Answer #1

what the f*ck are you retarded! you cant become a vampire…those are ficticous creatures…damn

Answer #2

can some one tell me all the ways to become a Vampire


Answer #3

Actual blood-sucking-out-of-neck vampires are not real. There is however a such thing as “vamp culture”. My buddy knew a guy who was into this. I think it’s a cult type thing but as close to the real thing as you could get I guess. I am not a part of this however.

Answer #4

Vampires aren’t real.

And don’t read the Twilight series read some Ann Rice books or something. Good god.

Answer #5

so you say people can be born with a tail, and people can be born having hippopotomonstrosesquapidalia phobia (the fear of long words lol ironic ay?) but they can’t be born with the thirst for human blood and not be a vampire? what else would you call them… tigers?

Answer #6

ahhh,, did twilight get into you?? I was like you after I read the twilight lol.. I think vampires are real. good luck turning into one.

Answer #7

vampires are real … but a REAL vampire will not change you..some dont even know how and some dont believe its possible me myself am trying to research how to change someone into a vampire because I have a friend that REALLY wants to be one and here are the real vampire facts 1 real vampires are born as one, you can awaken in your teen years, but some dont untill they are an adult 2 vampires do drink blood, but we dont go around biting people (theres donnars and gettting it from meats and recipies) 3 lmfao the sunlight doesnt burn it gives you a headache and can feel alittle uncomfortable, well you can get sunburn VERY easy, but it doesnt like burn you the way you think it would 4 vampires are not immortal 5 vampires dont just suck blood theres one kind that just absourbs energy from people 6 vampires are NOTHING like the ones in twilight, well there are a few traits that are kinda true , but thats mostly all lies

I suugest if you want to become a vampire you need to not look on the internet barley go to the book stores they have books on it if you know where to look or try to find one of us that believes that we actually can change you we really are just about everywhere

good luck xD

Answer #8

in my option any thing can be real if you want it to be if you want vampire teeth they have them online and I believe but I’m not sure but I think they have it at hottopice or spencers

Answer #9

I have become tired of the search. I would so dearly love a true immortal vampire to just turn up on my doorstep and say “congratulations, you’ve found me, after all of your hours of fruitless searching. Tadaa!” Wouldn’t that make things so much easier. Thats the human condition I suppose, the desperate need for instant gratification due to our fleeting minutes on this planet. Well never the less I will persevere, I will never stop searching. Immortal vampires have been recorded in the texts of every primitive civilisation known to man who only recorded what they saw as truth. Their stories correlate even though they were miles apart and would never meet. Thus it makes sense to me that what they saw was the truth because they had not yet been exposed to the human condition of attention seeking and making up stories to get media attention. I think though I will have to extend my search into the real world and stop hoping for some vampire to find an outlet on the internet.

Answer #10

Vampire’s are real, because not long ago people in italy found a real vampire skull… and even showed a picture of it.It really did have fangs at the front of its mouth. The people in italy said it was about 10,000 years old and it had a stone stuck in its mouth.I saw it on the news a few months ago.and no the vampire skull is not fake,but really is real…I my self wont to become real vampire,And I dont beleave that a stake in the heart or the sun light or garlic can kill a vampire,Kinda think that nouthing can kill a vampire but then again looking at that picture of the real vampire skull from italy made think that the vampire in the picture might tried to kill it self and suceeded… So I hope that one day in the future when I turn 24 years. That I’ll finally meet a real vampire and become one.

Answer #11

omfg people. yes, I agree, vampires are awesome, but they’re not REAL. you cannot become a vampire by getting bitten by one and then letting their venom run through you for two to three days. and I bet you that person took that directly our of the Twilight series. and if you move to forks washington because Stephanie Meyer says vampies live there, then there is something majorly wrong with your grip on reality.

Answer #12

ok, I dont think I believe in vampires, and a part of me thnks the people that say theyre real are crazy (I think thats my common sense talking!) but then I think about how many legends of vampyres there are, of all the different things they supposedly do, of all the old stories, then I think, could that many people be dissolsional could it really be that vamyres, as we know them or not if vampyres could be real.

I dont know and im not gonna go telling peole that vampires arent or are real, all im saying is that if vampyres are real than they are NOT gonna go telling people all about themselves on the internet, and the only reliable source to fnd out about vampires is a vampyre, than I dont like your chances of finding a real one.

Answer #13

There are many such ways, many of our kind will not share them, birth is one way although much more painful than being bitten. Being born human with the vampric gene, as many call it, is actually quite common. Other Than this way I only no of the venom both are extremely painful. contact me if you would like to know more, but none of us will willing change a human.

Answer #14

Yes vampires are real and yes there is a way to become one. No it’s not painful but it is kinda gross. First it would require you to find a vampire. you can find one on a medow late at night or in one of there underground bars. Any thing with rose daisy foxglove or iris is likely to b run by vampires wherewolves shapshifters or witches. Once you find one they should know what to do. If you have any more questions just fun mail me.

Answer #15


There is only one way I can think of and even that may not work but go to:

There are a couple others too: and this is very improbable but here is an immortality spell:

I doubt these spells work as I have not tried them but if you REALLY want to become a vampire or an immortal then you can try. Just remember that these are permanent effects if they work!

Answer #16

mostly all real vampires will say there is absolutely no way to be turned into a vampire. You are either born as one or you are not. but Kheprian vampires were supposedly turned into vampires in a process called “siring”. This is a very controversial subject within the vampire subculture/community, and one that real vampires get sick of hearing about. So, if you have any good sense at all, don’t go to the real vampire sites asking to be turned or sired. Most real vampires don’t believe it’s possible, and those that do believe and might be able to do it, are not going to do it anyway. I suggest waiting, maybe if you keep talking about your hopeful turning a real vampire will hear your cry and want to help (though it is very unlikely) talk to me if you want to hear more

Answer #17

Vampires are fictitious, like the bogey man and were wolves.

However there are people who do drink human blood; and may be reffered to as vampires for simplicity’s sake.

Answer #18

no they are not just humans that drink blood. vampires are real. I want to be one more then anything I ever wanted. but the only way to change is painful. and its difficult to find a vampire. though you should look in areas that are not sunny. I am moving to Forks, Wa for example :)

you become a vampire by being bitten and letting their venom run through you for 3 days, or less probably 2 sometimes.

Answer #19

Well I’m not one myself and I’m not crazy but I believe they survive on blood but those who are “vegetarians” they survive on animal blood. There are spell and ritual that can change a person into a vampire. But 89% involve the blood of a vampire but were will you find that? Good luck with that question.

Answer #20

You really wanna be a vampire? You have to go through awakening which basically is vampire puberty. Here are some signs, but remeber NO ONE can tell you if you are or not, that is for you and you only to figure out: “Thirst” Loss or increase of appetite Back ring around colored part of your eyes Headaches Mood swings Empty feeling; want for something but don’t know what

Those are just SOME so go look up some more info about awakening. There are three main ways to become a vampire: Bite Birth Death

Go to or to learn more.

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