Are Vampires real?

does anyone here believe in vampires? I know this is a silly question but one of my friends has quit convincingly talked herself into believing she is a vampire from london and was born in 1867… she says vampires are real and she can prove it and that I should be more open minded… so as stupid as this sounds has anyone actually met a vampire or do you think she’s just being crazy?

Answer #1

how old is she? well any way she might just be going thru a phase shell get over it cause im pretty sure vampires dont exist. but thats my opinion

Answer #2

your last statement is probably pretty close to truth. I don’t dismiss the fact that there are really people who ingest human blood, but the notion that there are actually human creatures that have the same powers as the fictional vampires you read about in anne rice novels and bram stokers book- is entirely laughable.

I would ask her to change into mist, shapeshift into an animal form, grow real fangs. to a true vampiric individual who is immortal this should be a simple request.

on the other hand- if she chooses to believe she is a vampire, and is hurting noone- including herself - where is the harm.

it could be kind of fun knowing a vampire. I do know that “psychic vampires’ are possible - someone who can draw on your personal energy for whatever personal gain.

if she is not hurting anyone - sure why not , it depends on how far she is taking it. it could be that she is truely mentally ill - in which case telling her she is full of it could possibly cause her or you physical harm. a psychotic break or episode can be a scary thing to behold , and very dangerous. only you know where her behaviour is categorized. if she is endangering you, herself, or someone else - try to get her to seek help immediately. if she is just having fun- and is NOT hurting herself, you, or someone else. let her do it.

Answer #3

the fantastic vampires im sure shes thinking about is not real. although there are poeple who do drink blood and they might be considered vampires. so if she thinking about the romantic bloodsuckers who can change into bats, then no, they are not real. and as for their fangs … no. just, no. you can give yourself fangs, but you cant grow fangs. you can be a want to be vamp, but you wont come close to supernatural speed/strength anything unnatural. you can dress victorian, wear black/white/red. ruin your teeth to be fangs or put on fake ones. drink salty >. .< and bite peoples necks, although you might cause trouble doing this, lol, but you will never EVER be a fictional vampire. its impossible, does not exsist. and thats all we need, bloodsuckers roaming this earth killing people everynight. there’d be a fun job, vampire hunter. never get fired … the risk? your life and humanity. hahaha. no shakes head no …

ps, no you cant have the hypnotic eyes either, fiction!

Answer #4

I’ve met people like your friend who were utterly convinced they were (are) vampires. Society as a whole is full of weirdness.

Even though you probably know (at least, I hope you do) that your friend is not a vampire, trying to reason with her about it is pointless. I’m assuming you’re both young. She’ll grow out of it if anything else, and if she doesn’t, it’s likely harmless. I’ve seen documentaries where people lived their entire lives in a “vampiric lifestyle,” and they were generally peaceful, non-threatening people. (Then there was the vampire cult in Florida that murdered a girl’s parents as well, though, so I guess it could really go either way.) I’m sure it’s harmless and that it will pass.

If anything else, years down the line, after the phase has passed, you can look at your friend and say, “Remember when you thought you were a vampire? That was pretty dumb.” By then she’ll laugh and beg you not to bring it up anymore, likely as not.

To answer the original question in short: no, there are no vampires, unless I really missed an important memo. Your friend isn’t necessarily nuts. This will all blow over.

Answer #5

She could be right you know. She could be crazy. There are people who want to be vampires so bad that they will actually believe they are one. They are real though. You just have to know where to look…

Answer #6

they are indeed real..they have fangs, they drink blood, but they are considered mental. But, vampires, tend to be commanly mistaken..there are many kinds of them, some of them, have so little to worry about, and some of them..have a lot to worry about. Holy water and crosses are fake, don’t try, it will only end at the item being thrown at you in anger…but to answer your question, yes they are here, but they tend to lurk around. It sounds like you friend is either really fanatic, or she was newly mad, as a side note, any true vampire will never come out and openly admit they are one..not without the elders aproaving such thing, unless they go and pull a Lestat. And they don’t want that happening..

Answer #7

nope…but theres a asian ghost named pontianak and its real,a lot of people see it and it is when a pregnant women dies…trust me its real I saw it..look it up on google

Answer #8

vampires are real we do not always drink blood and “the thirst” is controlable we are not immortale and have no shapshifting abilities and we cannot fly hollywood has f*ed us I doubt that many moddern vamps would openly say their true identity

Answer #9

also, after rereading your question thingy, I think your friend should get counsling or she may delve to far into the relm of the supernatural. im not trying to freak anyone out, but it true. people have these AWAKENINGS where they realize what they are and are vampires ever since. there is actually websites for vampires and you have to prove your really one. you actually feel like one. its real for them. as to my post above, well, its true. also, if you were to talk to someone who thought they were a vampire, I wouldnt suggest insulting them or just being obnoxious about it. dont let your friend visit any vampire websites, she could make vampire friends and her beliefs will become stronger . try to pull her out of it. also, make sure she eats, she might try to NOT eat, because they supposedly only need blood, so make sure shes eating. also, how can she prove it? >.< just goodluck.

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vampires are real I know im being mentored by a real vampire to become one and not all vampires drink blood and none can shape shift thats just hollywood tricking people vampires are actually really nice people

Answer #12

I asked her to shape shift or grow fangs or do something unhuman, but she said that’s a bunch a b.s. and that Hollywood has messed up the whole idea of a vampire. she says that they are simply blood drinking creatures that never sleep…

Answer #13

Nah, Twilight is way better!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!! <3

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Answer #15

Have you tried throwing holy water on her yet? Your friend lives in a fantasy world.

Answer #16

Of course vampires are real! Have you nevre watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Don’t you know that you should believe EVERYTHING you see on TV!

Answer #17

I will not say that she is crazy, but I don’t believe on these things.

Answer #18

Yes, well, I like to believe they are. Because I love EDWARD CULLEN!!! (From Twilight.)

Answer #19

Yes vampires are real… I am one

Answer #20

Vampires are real and if you don’t belive, I’d Watch Out…

Answer #21

I hope they are reel I love daydreaming about em espeshali lestat! and darren shan

Answer #22

I have an idea of were she got it she got it from Twilight a book see if she read and if she has thats what all the bullshit is about

Answer #23

Ask her if she drinks blood. If “yes” she might be a vamp( or a cannibal), if “no” then she’s not.

Answer #24

Yes, they are indeed real. There are a few different types of vampires, believe it or not, they’re not like the ones yu see on TV. A lot of them suffer from obesity seeing as how they’re digestive track doesn’t take well to solid food. They do lust for blood but rare meat, or just a lot of meat, can stave their blood lust. Then there’s another type, I’m not to sure about this type, they’re pretty damn strong though that’s for sure. There was a report some where in the US over a decade or 2 ago(no lie). A man was literally wavering between life & death, a concerned nurse tried talking to his “parent” but they always ran off before she could corner them in to talk to them. I don’t know the whole story but, she told a doctor to take him out of his room so she could examine it. He did as she asked. She found blood packets in his bathroom. A few minuets later she heard the door bang open & the doc was in the wheel chair, the patient was pushing it. He began to yell at her. Security showed up & he jumped out the window(mind you it was a 6ft story window). He survived some how, & ran off. No blood trial or anything. Crazy aye? Oh, not to mention vampires, not all have fangs, they don’t transform into bats, or anything Bram Stoker thing. They don’t burn up in the sun, but they have eye sensitivity to it. Another thing I forgot to mention vampire have an energy imbalance. One moment they could feel over powering energy the next so drained they can’t get out of bed. They don’t always have to feed off of blood or meat, they could feed off of energy. people who know a vampire might claim to feel their energy being drained. When they want/need people they can make it to where they draw people to them & when they don’t want attention they can make to where they rebel them. A lot of vampires find their way to the magickal path & become powerful practitioners do to their abilities to control energy- to a certain extent. You cannot become a vampire or trained to be one. You either are or not, even if a vampire feeds on you do to the fact that humans always have a stabile energy balance & will always regain that balance unless dieing. There’s also the psychic vampires, powerful practitioner have to be weary about these. They will feed physically on people. I don’t know to much about these, but I know they’re not something to f*ck around with. Succubus/Incubus, like the myth they drain people sexually. Supposedly they were the original type of vampire. Mara’s do the same thing, though supposedly with horses & trees(I mostly know the myths about the Mara). Rumor has it that vampires are more susceptible to love than humans

Then there is the Vampyre(I’m not to found of this bunch) it’s basically a subculture about roll playing pretending to be a vampire. You can find vampyre clubs & such, if you’re in you have to have a blood check every 1-3 months to make sure you have no STD’s, otherwise you get kicked out. They will drink each other’s blood just because they feel like or want to. They dress all dark & Gothy kind of but are separate from the Gothic subculture might I add. Although I think they did kind of branch off way back when( a decade or 2 ago), since their once was a Goth type called Vampyre that was basically the same thing, though most Goths did not like them & kinda looked the other way on them, so yeah, they may be the same thing, just finally separate from Goths.

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