Are these symptoms of being pregnant?

For about one or two months I’ve been trying to get my vagina loose (trying to have s3x) and finally lost it couple days ago..I’ve been bleeding and I’m not sure if it’s an infection, damage, or if I’m pregnant. I don’t know if you can bleed while your pregnant. And I’m sure he hasn’t came in me but it could’ve been precum. I’ve been feeling bloated, I just got a big headache today, and my stomach is hard and big (looks pregnant)..but then again it could be my hemerrhoids. I’m scared to take a vaginal exam. so I rather hear somebody that knows about this.

to make it easier:

-bloated -stomach feeling heavy -stomach and lower part is big -stomach hurts -feeling stings underneath -feeling spikes in me -tiredness -peeing hurts -can’t sit on my behind -uncomfortable -certain positions hurt -I feel sick at times

some of these things can be from other causes so I’m just writing them down to make it clear

Thank you,

Answer #1

ok please dont take my word for it but it dose sound a bit like survical problums and its a bigger posibility when your sexuality active couse being pregnet as far as I know dosnt make it hard to pee or give you head achs and if you regurley feel stingning down their you should so go to the docter un less you use tampons if you leav them in two long it will couse that and it will last a wile and those all sounds like period symptoms except the painfull peing and if youv had these problums for more then a week some times if your strepped your period will prolong its self thats normal but its still good if your unsurtin or scared to go get it cheaked out and dont orry you can always request a girl docter I know they can be easier to talk to when your a girl

Answer #2

Hey there, I’m 20 years old and 4 months prego and had most of those symptoms except I sit down just fine. My lower back kills me and I have sharp pains in my stomach (especially if I’m laying on my side and cough or sneeze). Peeing shouldn’t hurt unless you have an u.t.I (urinary track infection), drink a lot of cranberry juice and if that doesn’t help w/ the hurting while peeing, I don’t know what to tell you accept to take a pregnancy test. most of the time they’re accurate. I’m not being rude when I ask this, I’m just wondering… why are you trying to make your vagina loose? Guys like it tight. Loose is actually not very good. If I had to guess I would say that out of 100 your 80% prego and then 20% U.T.I. I would go to a doc though. have a good day, good luck

Answer #3

Dear blablabla, Not sure about why you are trying to get your vagina loose? And I don’t know what you mean you lost it??? Anyways, if you think you’re pregnant see a doctor and take a pregnancy test. You should not be scared to have an exam by your doctor…if you do not like your current one seek out another. But if you are pregnant it is not only you involved but the baby as well. Sometimes we just have to do things we know are right, if not for us for others. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

aww you sound so worried.. I dont personally think your pregneat im currently studying for LVN and im learning all about vaginal infections and symtoms seems to me that you were a virgin and had sexual intercourse your bady wasnt repared and you most likely ad a rip ( whch leads to the discomfort when stiing) the peeing may also be a factor of the rip. if your scared of the preg test take a look for urself “down there”.. maybe ull find the problem. I hope you find whats wrong it sounds like terrible situation to go through. hope it helps. =]

Answer #5

sweetheart that sounds like an infection, the man who loosing you up, was not gentle with you. You have 2 remember your vagina is open now, so it’s exposed, although you do not want to go, You really need to go to and it that checked, before it get worst

Answer #6

I just found out I was pregnant, infact I’m about 10 weeks now and I had just about all of thos symptoms, but I honestly believe everybodys body is different. But I I was your friend simply because I I just found out and I had the same symptoms, I would say yes , those are sighns of being pregnant

Answer #7

I am very confused by your question but I would like to help you. Saying that you have been trying to get your vagina “loose” is a bit strange to me. In parenthesis you say “trying to have intercourse”. And what exactly did you lose? Using the term “trying to get my vagina loose” sounds terribly degrading and gives you the image of being easy. I do not why you are bleeding. It could just be your period. And why do you say you know it cannot be precum? It absolutely can be precum. A man leaks very small amounts of semen when he is aroused and penetrating. He does not feel this when it is happening. This leaking is to help with lubrication. Precum is semen and does contain LIVE sperm. Just because it is not released in the same manner as the climax, does not mean it is any less potent. You can become pregnant from precum. It only takes 1 sperm to fertilize your egg. You have a lot of symptoms. Doctors are not there to harm you, rather help you. You should not be afraid of getting an exam. The doctor is your best source of help and good information. If you are nervous, take a friend with you. There are laws protecting you and your doctor is not allowed to discuss your private medical health with anyone. I don’t feel like I have helped you. Maybe if you could talk to a doctor, you could be more clear on what it is you are trying to find out. All of the symptoms you have described could be a number of things. It is hard to say what might be going on with you. One symptom was confusing, “feeling spikes in me”. What feeling is that?

Answer #8

when you say you lost it are you saying you finally slept with a guy or no longer a virgin?? you could just be bleeding b/c you were streched out. or something could of ripped or (damaged) as you said. i really dont think that your pregnant if its really worring you just get a pregnancy test

Answer #9

Wow Joanna, what’s with the spelling?!?!

Anyways… I would definitely go to the doctor because if you are pregnant you need to keep yourself and the baby safe. If you are not pregnant you should still go to the doctor because avoiding the symptoms will not make it go away. It could be a very logical explanation for why you are feeling this way, without it being pregnancy. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, take a pregnancy test before you go to the doctor.

Also, I am going to have to agree with everyone else, being “loose” is not a good thing, and I wouldn’t go around telling anyone that you are trying to get loose. Hee.

Good Luck!

Answer #10

It sounds like you have a sexually transmitted infection so get to the doctors straight away otherwise it will make you infertile!!!

And you should always use protection

Answer #11

I just found out I was pregnant, infact I’m about 10 weeks now and I had just about all of thos symptoms, but I honestly believe everybodys body is different. But I I was your friend simply because I I just found out and I had the same symptoms, I would say yes , those are sighns of being pregnant

Answer #12

It doesn’t really sound like you are pregnant… It sounds likeyou might have hurt something inside of you! You should really go and see a doctor, because if it isnt already causing problems, it could down the road. And, if you are pregnant, you have to go and see a doctor because you have to go through the proper procedures to make sure that you and your baby are healthy. Good luck

Answer #13

Why would you want to be loose? Odd…

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