Are these swear words?

I'm getting into a little dispute with my friend and my brothers, are the following words "bad" words?

1) skank
2) crap
3) slut

Any others you can think of that may or may not be considered "bad"?

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They aren't in my dictionary!!!

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I personally think all the words are offensive in some way.
Well, except for crap because I quite often say 'Oh Crap! I forgot...'. But skank and slut both can be offensive to a person which to me makes them swear words, but only if you use them in a certain way..
its hard to explain :P

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They aren't considered "curse" words, or "cusses", but they are considered undesirable.

Are these considered bad words?
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to me personally they are not cuss words, if so then I got a lot of praying to do :P

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that's what I said, lol.thanx ally.

blerggher, that's what I've been wondering.

why did people just take a handful or words and mark them as "bad"? the're words. all bad words offend people in some way, but shouldn't that mean that stupid, idiot, dumb, and all of those words used to call people names are bad too? why those words?

"b-I-t-c-h" is a female dog and guys call their buddies "dog" all the time, so why is the female version considered deragatory?

"f-a-g-g-o-t" used to be defined as a pile of sticks, then a homosexual, the same as the word "gay," so why isn't the word "gay" also deemed as deragatory?

even when I tried to submit this, funadvice bans them, hence the reason for the "-" between the letters.

and the list goes on...

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I understand EXACTLY what you mean, Belinda. thanx

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the question you should be asking yourself is, what defines a "good" or "bad" word?

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not really, I mean the kind of people who are super stingent on that kind of stuff might say they are but I dont really think so

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ther not swear wrds ther just rude lol xxx

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not really...

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yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes but no but yes but whatever.

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they aren't considered swear words but they aren't very nice

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