Are these considered bad words?

Well I was wondering, is hell, used in the context what the hell, is considered bad because I was listening to a song by a Christian band, and they said "Why the hell have all my walls fall down" so is it a swear word if a Christian band is using it? Also is the slang "hella" a swear word, because some people in certain areas say it a lot, and I was wondering if it is considered swearing. thanks.

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none of them are bad words
if they were, then heaven would have to be a bad word too
it doesnt work just one way, if it was, theyd both be bad
but there not, there fine, feel free to use them all you want

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my parents use hell all the time especially arond my little sister I use it at school all the time and hella is kind of bad but like there's this teacher that got mad at a problem he wrote on the board and he's like hella what is this problem? and then the janitor walked in 'cause like 10 minutes before this kid threw up it was hilarious

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I don't consider hell a swear.It's a place.And the word is found in all kinds of literature,including bibles.

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It really just depends on how you were brought up. I consider it one, and don't say it. I say it as a place opposite of heaven, but if you say "what the hell"...I don't say that. My daughter won't be able to say it in front of me either. Of course I was raised by a strict parent. Others will have different opinions.

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people say what the hell all the time
so what the hell
live with it!

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No I don't think hell is a bad word but We shouldn't use it Now if you're going to preach and you have to mention hell then yeah it's okay but if you use like what the hell or hella then yeah that's not okay we have to be careful because the Enemy can trick us in tell is is okay to use it but God is saying is not okay to use it read Roman 12:2

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