Are there any pills that can knock you out?

ok I need to get a surgury done and I can't get a shot to put me to sleep because I have a phobia of shots. I hate getting general anesthia because it always makes me sick and it freaks me out... so are there any pills that can knock you out, not just put you to sleep. I need something that will keep be pain free and out of it for about an hour... an suggestions?

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your Dr can give you something to be able to relax when its time to give you your anesthia shot.. you will be just fine, im quite sure
Good luck & be brave

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Your doctor is not going to give you random drugs before a surgery... You could die... Also, there is a reason they dont give you pills to knock you out... There is no knowing exactly how long it could take for the pills to start working (it actually has to go through your digestive system) and there's no way of knowing exactly how long it will last... And they're obviously not as effective... Instead of a pill to calm you down, how about a sedative and then the shot...

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lol, I have a hole list of em but trust me. you don't want em, man up and take the shot

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I have a severe phobia of needles so I know how hard it is for you. It's easy for these guys to tell you to be brave and just take the shot. It's really hard to do when you're just terrified of the needle and you can't control your reaction. My doc prescribed me something to calm me down before a blood test. Believe it or not, it made me hyper and I was even more nervous. That's the power of a phobia.

A better option is counselling or some sort of training to get these fears under control. I realize you may not have the time for that right now but think of it as a long-term goal. Once you regain your sense of control, you may find it a bit easier to accept an injection.

Above all else, talk to your doc and tell him about your phobia. If the doc and staff don't want to work with you, see if you can find someone else. Needle phobia is more well known now than it used to be and they do have creams and such they can use to numb the area or provide relief.

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Hi Hun,
I understnd your phobia! I have a terrible faer of needles myself. I was in the hospital yesterday actually. I have had to have two surgeries. The worst part is getting the I've started. After that all the "shots" are put into the I've bag or line. So you don't actually receive the shot itself. It gets mixed in with the arlready flowing I've. I have found that the best way to deal with the I've is have someones hand to squeeze and look the other way. I know it's still ruff and people without this fear don't understand that. I was VERY aggrevated with my nurse yesterday because she just didn't get it. They will probably give you pain medicen to help you relax and sleep. Make sure the doctor and ALL the nurses are aware of your phobia and your need for pain medicien. Once the I've is in the doctor can give you something to relax you and put you out. You will be ok!
Take Care & God Bless

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I also have a fear of needles though mine stems out of the militarywhere I was wounded and had to hve surgery in which the nurse collapsed 3 veins of mine now I litterally fight all people coming at me with needles to the point they dont take my blood anymore they take uric samples and saliva which apperently shows all the same things as blood tests but takes longer the creams and pills are a joke as if you are like me its not painful to get a needle I have 30 tattoos but will not give a blood sample for me it is all about the vein I will take a shot not in the vein... well short story long no pill will cut it for surgery but gas might they lightly gassed me till they could get the needle in (although it took 13 of them to get the mask on me) but it works
good luck Master Gunnery SGT Jason Flores

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I can't get shot though!! We've tried just about every pill we can that can calm you down and they either don't work or I'm allergic. hey piker if you have a list I'd like to hear it!

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Why have an I've? It's the same as a shot except the needle is taped on your arm until you leave the hospital... A regular shot just takes like 5 seconds. I would tell you to suck it up and just do it but your like my sister. My sister is scared to death of needles. She just closes her eyes, holds her breathe, and then, its all over. Try to concentrate on something that you love to do. Like boys for example. If I had fears of needles, I would think about me and my boyfriend

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