Are Rockstar energy drinks good for you?

I know someone who drinks a lot of energy drinks. Are Rockstar energy drinks good for you? Are there any side effects. How much is too much?

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Lol I’ve’e had 3 rockstars triple strength, at the age of 16, and I was perfectly fine afterwards, and I didn’t even get dizzy, start shaking or anything, I just like I was before I had them, normal. Energy drinks are ineffective on me. Same thing with alchohol, I need at least 8 shots before I even start feeling a light buzz.

Answer #2

all so called energy drink are just a joke. you need energy?…go workout and exercise. thats the only way to get more energy.

Answer #3

They can be very addicting-a person I know drinks 3+ every single day! Also, it stunts your growth. He’s about 5 feet tall.

Answer #4

if you think its healthy or good for your body you’re crazy. Look up Rawfoodism. Go from there.

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not especially…if you don’t drink so daym much then you should be good. but most people drink at least one every day, and that’s a DOUBLE SIZE so in that case I think not.

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I am currently drinking a rockstar, :) and I drink one everyday before school. it wakes me up fast and keeps me going, puts me in a better mood. I am actually addicted to them, gotta have them everyday. they never give me a bad side effects, my whole family drinks them. if you eat with them, or right before or after your golden!

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well these energy drinks are nothing but caffiene With a PUNCH of side doses of alot of other type of stimulants (e.g. Taurine, yellow 5) even though yellow 5 has yet not been proven harmful but studies suggest that it relates to impotency in the long run, but then again there haven’t been very extensive research on this……

The burst of energy comes primarily from caffeine, but energy drinks are also loaded with sugar. Sugar comes in the form of glucuronolactone, sucrose, and glucose. Some drinks also contain an extract from guarana seeds which works to stimulate the central nervous system in a fashion similar to the way caffeine stimulates the body. Guarana seeds also have thermogenic properties, which increase the body’s metabolism through the generation of heat.

A soft drink usually has 19 to 25 grams of sugar in each eight-ounce serving. Energy drinks on average contain more than this. Red Bull, for example, contains 27 grams of sugar per serving of 250 milliliters (a little over eight ounces). This can be very dangerous, for an overload of sugar can lead to gastric emptying. The body becomes dehydrated, which prevents metabolized sugar from entering the bloodstream. This often results in nausea and vomiting.

energy drinks are like everything else, they’re addictive obviously for their attention boosting value, but in the long run i don’t think all of that caffiene is doing you any good, especially when caffiene stimulates ur circulatory system and affects the heart and makes it pump faster……because of energy boost…..

from personal experience, i wouldn’t overdo it cuz i once passed out jittering because I had 2 rockstars within the span of 3 hrs…….and i’m a big guy, trust me…….and nobody REALLY knows what these ingredients are capable of long term, so i’d do anything in moderation……because u don’t wanna b the reason they find out what energy drinks do to our system over a period of time…….

And no have energy drinks after alcohol is not the solution, because only some energy drinks have ingredients that will stimulate ur CNS so you can concentrate better mentally, u might get physically faster than if you were plastered but there will be no change in ur impairment due to alcohol……

hope this helps

Answer #9

I dont drink anything but water because everything else has at least something that is harmful to you.

I’ve heard that if you drink and energy drink every day, you will have a heart attack by the time you are 25. I dont know how accurate that is though.

My friend did a research project on energy drinks for my english class. She used to drink them all the time and she was going to try to prove in her project that energy drinks really arent as bad for you as everyone thinks they are. But she ended up finding out that energy drinks, espeacially NOS, are wayyy worse for you than she thought. hah.

Also, did you know that they use COKE to clean car batteries? YES, coke-a-cola! Because it has so much acid in it. My dentist gave me that information. Hah, gross!

Answer #10

Damn, after reading how much crap got posted here… I can only bet you’re sorry you ever posted this question.

I’m a doctor and some of the responses here just blow my mind. Really. If you dont know the answer to something, please, be honest and dont answer, or say you dont know the answer. “Its better to keep quiet and look a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. The first post on here has plenty of examples.

“well these energy drinks are nothing but caffiene With a PUNCH of side doses of a lot of other type of stimulants (e.g. Taurine” <— Taurine is not a stimulant, its a CNS suppressant. It acts in the exact opposite fashion than caffeine would. Its a non-essential amino acid, and its added to help remove some of the “jitters” a person might get from caffeine otherwise.

“energy drinks are like everything else, they’re addictive obviously for their attention boosting value,” <— energy drinks are NOT addictive. They do not qualify as an “addictive substance” due to the lack of withdrawal symptoms.

“and nobody REALLY knows what these ingredients are capable of long term” <— sir, are you from Mars? Any doctor, kinesiologist, pharmacist, or any related allied health specialist can tell you what each and every last single ingredient does, and what its short term and long term effects are. Just because you dont know does not mean the world doesn’t know either.

Sorry, just HAD to get that out of my system.

Anyway your question: Yes, rockstar drinks are fine, though they contain a lot of sugar. Diet Rockstar -=IS=- actually good for you! One a day, every day, if ingested over a period no longer than one hour, is fine. I’d suggest taking 1 or 2 days off all caffeine intake per week to further prevent accommodation.

Answer #11

The main problem with energy drinks (like any other caffeinated drink) is the potential for dehydration, especially if you’re in a hot environment or doing strenuous activities. General rule for caffeine- For every 8 oz you drink you need to drink 32 oz of plain old water to rehydrate (and you’ll pee most of that out since caffeine is a diuretic-if your pee is yellow, drink more water!). The stories of it stunting your growth are totally unsubstantiated- there is NO medical proof, and there have been numerous medical tests done on the subject. I have a 14 year old son who has been a Starbucks junky since he was 10 and is already almost 6 feet tall, so if that were true I’d hate to see how tall he’d be if he wasn’t consuming caffeine! Some people have a hypersensitivity to caffeine, which would produce some of the effects the other posters mentioned (jitters, eye twitches, etc). A nutritionist once told me that the biggest danger in energy drinks is actually the high amounts of B vitamins, too much of which can cause your nerves to be so overstimulated it can have a damaging effect (I don’t know too much about that-it’s just what I was told). Bottom line-everything in moderation and you should be just fine.

Answer #12

Actually all rockstars, especially juiced rockstars, contain less sugar then many sodas. I couldn’t believe it when I compared a juiced rockstar nutrition label to that of Welch’s Grape Soda. The sugar amount in the soda is double that of the rockstar. Rockstar also removed sodium benzoate from their products when the nation found out that it was potentially harmful, as well as removed high fructose corn syrup from their drinks. And I think we all know that high fructose corn syrup is pretty much slow death in liquid form. However, I am by no means saying that rockstars are healthy and that you can drink them daily. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, YOU SHOULD NEVER DRINK MORE THAN ONE ENERGY DRINK A DAY, AND NOT DRINK ENERGY DRINKS DAILY. It is a well known fact that energy drinks can speed up your heart rate and cause heart attacks. I myself was a little apprehensive to this information until I found out that a friend I know actually had a heart attack from drinking a 2-liter of vault, and coming home later and drinking a redbull. If you still aren’t convinced that drinking energy drinks daily is a health hazard, then I will leave you this tid bit of information. An 8 oz. cup of coffee has approximately 250 milligrams of caffiene. Your average energy drink has 1000 milligrams of caffiene per 8 oz. and most energy drinks are sold in 16 oz. cans. So one energy drink is the equivelance of drinking 8 cups of coffee. And if you drink two or three energy drinks in one day, you might as well be drinking 16, or 24 cups of coffee. Do you honestly believe that is safe?

Answer #13

And then you got the 12 teaspoons of sugar in each drink. No type of energy drink is actually good for u.

Answer #14

I drank 5-7 rockastars and assorted energy drink a day while I was in iraq along with water and a mre a day and had no problems it helped me stay allert for my looong days so I dont see the problem if it didnt give me a heart attack with that many a day and that kind of heat I doughbt I would to anyone else

Answer #15

Woah what is wrong with you people??? 1 drink made you guys twitch and 2 for a big guy in 3 hours? You have to be kidding me… I’ve drank 7 in less then 2 hours (sort of a contest… lol what a night) We went to the hospital and asked if I could get harmed from it and he laughed and told me no I would be fine just find something to do for the next 72 hours and when I crash I would sleep for about 15 then be fine… haha the good old days, and comming from a doctor saying it wouldnt harm me physically drinking 7 at once in 2 hours… oh the 7 didnt even make me twitch just walk a lot haha and ok yeah my arms shake abit too lol…

Answer #16

I drink 1 Rockstar Juiced (the orange kind) every other day (not counting weekends, when I drink none) sometimes I get and eye-twitch, but other than that nothing really seems different, I don’t even really feel an energy boost, it just makes me feel a little less drowsy.

Answer #17

its ok but sometimes it makes me crash after I drink them (in school) (not good at all)

Answer #18

not really unless you drink a lot 1 or 3 a week is still good

Answer #19

well I try the sugar free thats what im drinking right now calories 20g carbs 0g sugars 0g vitamin b2 6.8mg vitamin b3 40mg vitamin b5 20mg vitamin b6 4mg vitamin b12 12mcg sodium 250mg which is a lot but its better thant normal energy blend 2.70g taurine 2000mg caffeine 160mg guarana seed extract 50mg inositol 50mg L-Carnitine 50mg panax ginseng extract 50mg milk thistle extract 40mg

and people your not addicted to them you just like them.its like drinking soda but dont abuse the use of and energy drink. but if you want to learn something about some of the things in here like Guarana,Ginseng,and Taurine look it up some of it helps your matabalism. but if you are worried about your weight drink the sugar free to me there better than the normal ones

Answer #20

No energy drink is good for you, it’s like taking energy pills, It wakes you up & makes you hyper, which could result in heart failure because it boosts your heart rate. And it also brings you right back down to feeling sleepy & tired right afterwards. None are good for you, but I still drink them because they’re delicious. Rockstar’s are the only energy drink I will consume. I’m naturally energetic so they don’t phase me, I only drink them for the flavor. :]

hope I helped.

Answer #21

all energy drinks are different in the amount of ingredients in them which is why some people suffer from drinking them. stop being trolls saying the twitching is OTT because in all likelyhood it’s not. high concentrations of caffeine and taurine have been proven to not be good for you and drinking 2 cans in less than 3 hours just backs that up. reccommended taurine amount per day is about 100-500mgs, most energy drinks have 1000mgs. it’s not good, but won’t harm you if you drink them occasionally

Answer #22

I drink anywhere from 1-3 of these drinks a day depending on situations at work. I usually drink one in the morning and one when I get off at work before I head to the gym. these drinks have side effects to them whether or not you want to believe it or not. I love these drinks and im the first to admit that im addicted to them. but im not going to tell myself that there good for me simply for the fact that there not. they are loaded with caffine, which is very addicting, it is also loaded with sugar, and guarana. people just dont like addmitting something is bad for them because the like it. kinda like people used to with ciggaretes. but we all know what they cause. I have felt pains in my chest when I breathe in at times after I drink these drinks.


Answer #23

“DO NOT DRINK ENERGY DRINKS!” Their just after your money. Your natural energy is good enough for your body. If you feel tired during the day, it’s because you don’t have enough rest. just eat healthy food, like vegetables and fruit. also lean meat and fish. excersise regularly and you’ll live happier.

Answer #24

Well i had a Rockstar and another kind of energy drink about 45 min later (that was between 12:30 and 1:45 this afternoon) and i started shaking and getting hot flashes and dizzy and lightheaded all at the same time. And i also started twitching so that person is not lying. Now it is 2:00am and i am still wide awake but i feel sick and my muscles keep twitching. I am never drinking another energy drink again. I think its something in them and i dont wanna find out what.

Answer #25

No. They are not healthy for you at all. All they are, are drinks with loads of caffeine with more on th side! Soda is bad also. Just drink water everyone! WATER!

Answer #26


rockstar is awsome. my fav drink, I drink it about 4 times a week.(due to lack of shops that supply it where I live). I find the original rockstar gives me the biggest energy hit my hands twitch and I have to write really fast at school. I am aware of the sugar content but the sugar free one is really sweet too sweet for me.

but I have one before school and it deff works. my fav is the purple one.

but down here in OZ there is only normal, white, orange, green and purple. but most people I know love it for the effect and flavour.

I think consuming this in moderation wouldn be that bad for you. I was at a stage where I was drinkin atleast one a day and I felt good in the morning but super tired in the arvo. I have then cut down on the intake so its like a common treat that I look forward too.

but dont get me wrong these arnt good for you which is why consuming in moderation is important for the long run.

however these drinks are advertised everywhere in just about every extreme sports. motocross, FMX, skate, rally etc meaning that there is a lot of exposure to these drinks. not only that you see people like chad reed holding a rockstar when he is on the podium. what do people think teeneagers and young adults think?? they see their idol holding a popular drink and ofcourse they are going to as well. so the exposure is partially to blame.

these drinks are very addictive so its easy to consume them in large amounts daily.

anyway hope it helped.


Answer #27

And for Juiced Rockstar (Guava)

Calories: 180 Total Carb: 42g Total Sugars: 40g Vitamin B3: 40 mg Vitamin B5: 20 mg Vitamin B6: 4 mg Vitamin B12: 12 mcg Sodium: 60 mg Energy Blend: 2.70 g Taurine: 2000 mg Ginkgo Biloba: 300 mg Caffeine: 160 mg Guarana: 50 mg Inositol: 50 mg L-Carnitine: 50 mg Panax Ginseng: 50 mg Milk Thistle: 40 mg

I drink one in the morning a couple of times a week. It definately helps me wake up, but it also makes my heart race sometimes which is cause for concern - moderation is very important.

Rockstar and Redbull are different for sure, but I actually had a friend who drank 2 sugar free Redbulls on pretty much a daily basis and he died of heart failure at 36. While this is not scientific proof that Red Bull was the cause, he was otherwise a very healthy guy - he owned and operated the health food cafe at the gym I worked at.

Rockstar seems to be more heath-concencious than most energy drinks, but be weary of overloading your body with any altering chemicals - there is a delicate physical and chemical balance between life happy, life miserable, and death.

Answer #28

I am not sure if any of you mad scientist ever thought about the pH in your body…the body tries to control it on its own but ranges between 7.3 and 7.4. 7.3 is (ten) times more acidic than 7.4. That is in the blood. everything in your body is dependent on the pH of the environment inside of the body. Caffeine binds calcium so you can’t absorb it. How many things can you think of that need caffeine? whole new perspective to look at and it just doesn’t apply to energy drinks…

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