Are ghosts real?

I went to a Civil War park and it looked like I saw a Confederate soldier walking with a woman just for a second and I thought I saw a Union soldier just standing on a grave with a gun. Did I or didn’t I?

Answer #1

I dont know if ghost are real I think they are I don’t know but my sister and her boyfriend took a pic in there room 2 years ago and there was a guy in the backround and when they looked at it again he was gone

Answer #2

I don’t think ghost are real. Ghosts don’t really exist. It’s some kind of creature man creates for people to get afraid.

Answer #3

omg!! my grandma has been telling me that there was a ghost in her house for years and I never believed her!! I mean she’s like 80,000,000 years ld and is totally crazy. well one night I decided to sleep over @ her house with my cousin Anne. We were sitting in the living room watching Transformers and eating popcorn with junior mints and all of a sudden anne jumps up and tells me she wants to take pictures with her new camera. so I was like ‘whatever’ and we started taking pics of eachother. well about 15 minutes later, I dunno I wasn’t counting, anne took another pic and looked a little shocked but cracked up laughing. I looked over at the picture she took and saw a in the pic a little white dot above me and in the dot was a smilt face!! it was so crazy!! well it wasn’t a smily face it was a frowny face but you get it. anyway we fell asleep. I woke up later that night and totally froze. I looked over at anne and saw a little girl leaning down next to her and stroking her hair!! I was so f*cking scared!! I started to cry and everything. I knew she wasn’t a normal person cause she was like glowing, well not glowing she was just bright. like someone was shining a light on her or something.she had really long blonde hair that was all shiny like it was in the sun and she was wearing a little pink dress kinda thing that was all satiny and shining too. ANyway she turned around and saw me, she looked really pissed off and scared too and then all of a sudden a blinked away the tears and she was gone. I was so scared I just crawled closer to anne and tried to keep my eyes closed. well the next morning anne woke up before me and was in the bathroom when I woke up. when she came outshe had little 3 little pale dots on the side of her face!! SHe had no idea what they were and neither did I. so I told anne about the girl from last night and of course she didn’t believe me. at breakfast we asked grandma about the ghost and I didn’t tell her anything about what I had seen last night. grandma just shook her head and told us this: “Well about 40 years ago there was a lady name Charolette Hail living there. She was having an affair with a man named Patrick something, and his son was best friends with Charolette’s daughter Jasmin, but they called her jassi for short. Well one night Patrick’s son Patrick Jr. snuck into Carmen’s room and woke her up. They started playing and stealing snacks from the kitchen while their parents were sleeping. Carmen decided she wanted to play hide and seek and Patrick Jr. agreed. Long story short Carmen hid in the washing machine and somehow it got turned on. some say her mom did it and they killed Patrick Jr. too so they could sneak away and live together without any problems. Either way Carmen was killed and now she runs around the house searching for PAtrick Jr. and her mom.” Then grandma showed us her hand, she had a pale spot on it. she told us when Carmen cried her tears stained your skin. So yeah. I totally believe in ghosts now!!

Answer #4

Yes ghosts r real

Answer #5

I see them they walk around in my house. no joke maybe i just have the gift i have pictures of them

Answer #6

I do believe in ghosts.. but I don’t think it has been proven. I guess it is all on how you feel about them.

Answer #7

Nah, I don’t think ghosts are real either.

Sometimes ghosts are our hopes, sometimes they are our fears, and sometimes they are just our minds playing tricks on us.

Answer #8

well i guess it depends on how superstitious you are my opinion is that ghosts are real you might have actually seen a ghost which is pretty amazing considering that ghost are not someting you see everyday.

Answer #9

Nah, I don’t think ghosts are real either.

Sometimes ghosts are our hopes, sometimes they are our fears, and sometimes they are just our minds playing tricks on us.

Answer #10

the dead cant hurt you only the living. my old neighbour used to tell me this when I was a child and it used to frighten the shite out of me!! on saying that I truly believe in ghosts. im convinced I have one in my house because sometimes I feel the cold air on the back of my neck and doors open for no reason. then I get freaked out of my head and ring everyone!

Answer #11

.. sounds like Yes! you did think you saw a soldier with a gun standing over a grave.

Answer #12

nope!! why would they be here? Their souls are either in Heaven or Hell… so NOPE!

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