Are energy drinks like red bull harmful?

Do large amounts of energy drink cause any physical problem or harm to something that I will feel later? I drink quite a few a day and I want to know if I am killing myself. I love Red Bull energy Drink and Rock Stars are second on my list.

Should I cut back on energy drinks? I don’t drink coffee anymore, I don’t smoke, and I try to watch my diet.

Answer #1

When I was in medical school, fellow students were red bull representatives. They always had a lot on hand and drank a lot of it. When we were in Urology class and took urinalysis tests, they ALL had tons of blood in their urine which indicated that it was taxing their kidneys. I wouldnt suggest drinking it at all or in very slight moderation.

Answer #2

yes energy drinks can be harmful, if you drink to many in a day it can cause you to faint, if you have epelepsi it can cause you to have a fit, 1 or 2 drinks in a day can be fine just drink it in moderation, I dont like energy drinks and never have they taste disgusting lol xx

Answer #3

I say no if you only have like 1 or 2 cans a week because thats how much a drink but im not sure about it bbut unless you want to be harrassd only drink it in your car at your home or somewhere else where other people don’t know you or other poeple drink it (know this from experince and only in 7th grade!!) trust me it sucks

Answer #4

Well these energy drinks are nothing but caffeine With a PUNCH of side doses of a lot of other type of stimulants (e.g. Taurine, yellow 5) even though yellow 5 has yet not been proven harmful but studies suggest that it relates to impotency in the long run, but then again there haven’t been very extensive research on this……

The burst of energy comes primarily from caffeine, but energy drinks are also loaded with sugar. Sugar comes in the form of glucuronolactone, sucrose, and glucose. Some drinks also contain an extract from guarana seeds which works to stimulate the central nervous system in a fashion similar to the way caffeine stimulates the body. Guarana seeds also have thermogenic properties, which increase the body’s metabolism through the generation of heat.

A soft drink usually has 19 to 25 grams of sugar in each eight-ounce serving. Energy drinks on average contain more than this. Red Bull, for example, contains 27 grams of sugar per serving of 250 milliliters (a little over eight ounces). This can be very dangerous, for an overload of sugar can lead to gastric emptying. The body becomes dehydrated, which prevents metabolized sugar from entering the bloodstream. This often results in nausea and vomiting.

energy drinks are like everything else, they’re addictive obviously for their attention boosting value, but in the long run i don’t think all of that caffeine is doing you any good, especially when caffeine stimulates your circulatory system and affects the heart and makes it pump faster……because of energy boost…..

from personal experience, i wouldn’t overdo it because I once passed out jittering because I had 2 rockstars within the span of 3 hrs…….and I’m a big guy, trust me…….and nobody REALLY knows what these ingredients are capable of long term, so I’d do anything in moderation……because u don’t wanna b the reason they find out what energy drinks do to our system over a period of time…….

And no have energy drinks after alcohol is not the solution, because only some energy drinks have ingredients that will stimulate your CNS so you can concentrate better mentally, u might get physically faster than if you were plastered but there will be no change in ur impairment due to alcohol……

hope this helps

Answer #5

hey yes that they are. they are known to be harmful esp if you use them 2 mix alcoholic drinks. such as vodka and redbull see redbull speeds up your heart and vodka slows it down. also having that much sugar on a daily basis isnt good for your teeth heart and sugar can add weight to your body. try something else like vitamin water or propel gatorade powerade. but in small amounts Laura

Answer #6

having red bull can cause you 2 have a heart attack , but thats only if you have stupid amounts of it

Answer #7

only if you drink too much

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