Are animals ticklish?

are any animals at all ticklish like human are???

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Yes...I've had horses who are so ticklish, they can't stand to be brushed (generally, horses LIKE to be groomed)...My dog is only ticklish in some places, and kinda slips away from me when I brush him, but always bounds back as tho he was truly laughing, but saying NOT THAT SPOT...NOT THAT SPOT!! :)


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Of course they are! You just have to find the right spot.

My dog is ticklish under her paws and at the tips of her ears. :P

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my cat is

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some are some arent

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I've never heard an animal laugh but my b/f's dog smiles and it is sooo cute!

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by the way, do animals, besides hyenas, laugh? what does it sound like? weird? scary? human-like???

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ye my dogs ticklish on her stumak and she smiles lol shes sooo cute shes a boxer cross stafford

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my cat is tickilish on under its chin so ya animals are tickilsh


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lol, funny, thanx guys

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