What's a good place to travel in April?

What vacation spot in April guarantees goood weather?

Answer #1

There are lots of good places in Espana. and the weather is great in April. I usually book through http://www.holistay.com/spain/ but you could also use the larger sites as they have deals.

Answer #2

There are good places to go in Espana. I usually book through http://www.holistay.com/spain/ but you could also use the larger sites as they sometimes have deals too.

Answer #3

there are lots of good places to visit in Espana that are good in April. I usually book through http://www.holistay.com/spain/ but you can also check out the larger sites as they have deals.

Answer #4

Well, this seems to be an open ended question. Umm… It really depends on what you are looking to accomplish on your journey, and what you would like to see/do & experience.

You have a lot of time, if this will not be until April 08’! So, really… All you would have to do. Is to evaluate what you wish to do, see, etc. Once you have an idea… and or know what you wish to do, or want to see etc. :-)

Then you can start looking for potential place. Now, I my self am in Arizona… Very beautiful of a state. However, you may choose to go out of country, or what have you.

Though in April… it here in Tucson AZ. ITs not exactly HOT, of Temp, though not COLD. ITs warm.. around the 80’s…

But I will try not to be Bias on my State, (Though I’m, originally from Missouri) Decide the things you wish to do! Then, fine a place you would love ot go! No one can really tell you were to go, you have to know what you want to do, then you can be open to suggestions. You know what I mean?

Answer #5

Hi, Where are you starting out from? April is a great time to spend in Mexico, Latin America places in Asia. If you want to stay in the U.S.A. Florida is a good spot. I do have some last min. deals on ww.greatgetawayconnections.com. you can get some ideas all over the world.

Answer #6

Please try ESPANA (SPAIN). Its a beautiful place. Its really exciting, and theres many different things to see. Theres historical places, brand new shops, and really great food and people! We are very friendly. During the day, check out the Palacio de Real (the royal palace) or go sight seeing in shops and food restaurants!! At night, we have dancing clubs, bars, city buses, and tours ALL NIGHT LONG. COME TO MADRID, SPAIN!! 8o)

Answer #7

if you are look for incerdible country side i would suggest cannada eastern but the people if your american will mouth off at you for non-ecofreindly and stuff like that just tell them off by asking them if they have any biodiesle or ethonal gas station near by that shuts them up real quick and dont go to Quebec unless you know how to speak french canadian wich i dont think you do it not like regluar french they seapk in france and if one of them start yelling at you in french then tell you dont speak frog its real funny just dont get tham really angery

Answer #8

Check out the Berry Hill Estate in South Boston, Virginia.


Answer #9

go to lake george ny and stay at six flags great escape lodge its beuitiful up there

Answer #10

Depends on what you are looking for. If you want to go out of the country Latin america is a great place to go good weather!

Answer #11

well, have you ever been to China? If not, you are recommended to visit Shanghai of China to know the modern history of China, where a number of scenic spots are available for your eyes, including Shanghai Ocean Park, Shanghai Art Museum (http://funadvice.com/r/buobro1ns6m, Shanghai Technology Museum and Shanghai Xintiandi as well as the Bund and the Huangpu River Cruise.

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