What are the applications of fourier series in our daily life?

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I use them in the analysis fo complex periodic waveforms via "Fourier Transforms".
I doubt that you could find any application where the average person uses them in their daily life, but they are used in things that may affect people's daily lives including
electronic signal processing; the production of electronic music using synthesisers; the design of electronic musical instruments; cryptography; image compression using Joint Picture Expert Group (jpeg) techniques; acoustics; optics; astronomy;

This paper may help:

It is a .pdf file entitled "Fourier Series and Their Applications"
published in 2006 by Rui Niu

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Fourier series is interesting in that it shows why a clarinet sounds different from a trumpet. The clarinet mainly produces odd harmonics from the Fourier series while the trumpet has both even and odd harmonics (though not much after the 5th harmonic). The rich sound of the piano comes from the fact that a tightly stretched string produces harmonics that are slightly out of tune with the fundamental frequency.

Jpeg image compression uses Discrete Cosine Transform which is directly related to the Fourier transformation. Audio compression like MP3 also transforms signals from the time to the frequency domain; mp3 also throws away data that heuristics show has little or no impact on the perceived quality of reproduction. I don't know enough about digital TV formats to know if they use transforms related to Fourier analysis or if they use wavelet transformation.

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