How did Nicole Richie lose all that weight?

does anybody know how nicole richie lost so much weight? and HOW LONG it took her? I want to be as skinny as all those tiny celebs like nicole, mary-kate olsen, micha barton, kiera knightley, and flyleaf singer. nicole richie used to be so chunky, and I want to lose as much weight as she did. shes so tiny and cute.

Answer #1

I think Nicole Richie is so Beautiful! Ok I confess in some bikini shots she looks a little too thin, though honestly she is my al time Hero, she is so Sexy And I aspire her looks. I’m trying to be as thin as her.. though just like writing, it’s as easy as opening a vein, though you show the gutts, and you show the world that you can be any one you want to be!! Go girls! Love Tj

Answer #2

I think she didn’t eat as she ate before that’s why she lost all that weight!! I believe this is the secret I tried it and it works!!but I also exercise every day!!walking,ride with the bike or I play tennis Nicole Richie looks great now and I want to look like her! =] Just try you will have soon results

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Answer #4

She took adderall and sometimes coke. Its the new thing to do is take ADD meds like adderall and lose weight.

Answer #5

I think she just eat lots less, and substituted her meals with other foods like instead of bacon and eggs and toast maybe a boiled egg, and for lunch well we all know FAST FOOD IS FAT FOOD! so stay way from that she pry eat lots of salads, and fruits and pry did pills.. but dont do pills they aint healthy.. she pry eat healthy free calorie foods and if she ate somthing like fattning she pry purged in guilt but like all they others.. goney beings a skeleton is super ugly.. no guy wants to hug a stick. they want to feel the warm comfort.. so yah please be careful what ever you choose to do :) good luck

Answer #6

she is no cutie at all! She is a skeleton and why would you want to look anything like her?! She is not healthy at all!


everyone has a different shape and wheight, but that’s what makes us so unique!!!


Sincerly, prettygirl66

Answer #7

yeah i agree with mark, usually celebs get liposuction, and plastic surgery, etc.. i dont really find that attractive, i myself, dont really care what agirl looks like, i look at personality, i could care less what you look like, but i would suggest working out for 2-3 hrs a day or at least 1 n a half hrs

Answer #8

To be honest, I think Nicole Richie is close to being skeletal and I don’t find that cute at all. She looked much, much better when she was at a normal, healthy weight, as do ALL girls and women.

I sure wouldn’t want my girlfriend to look like that!

Answer #9

eee dnt be like her x

Answer #10

Well, Nicole either starved herself, puked everything up, or just ate less and exercised more. I would think she did the last one because thats what most people do when they try to loose weight. That way when someone asks if their ate anything today, they can say “Of course”. But they’ll know that they only had an energy drink and a few carrots or something. Its the easy way of sliding by an eating disorder and not getting in trouble for it.

Answer #11

her publicly glamorous life makes her skinnyness look like somethng cool or something we should be aiming for to look as glamorous and cool like her..but if you get as skinny, you wont be a nicole richie because its the whole package that makes her so cool..shes rich and famous and has a great sense of adapt those rather than getting so scary-thin..then maybe ull be hot and cool too , Love from New York

Answer #12

She took aderol (maybe I misspelled that) which is a medication for add. Its a type of speed. It curbs your appetite as well. She ate nothing and exercised. She ate maybe one meal a day. She loves taco bell and in and out burger so like once a week she would spurlge on her fav meal. I am sure she is not too healthy right now. She looks sick and thats disgusting. I like being thin too. I used to be that thin. I weighed 85 pounds. I just want to weigh 100. I am losing weight because I am on a thyroid medicine and I do not eat that much, maybe 500 cal a day and I do not exercise, although I intend to. Be healthy not grossly!!

Answer #13

you people are so naive, she didnt do any excercise or diet, she did a surgery, which of the top of my head basically wraps up somthing around inside your stomach openinning so she simply could not eat. the openinning of her stomache being very small made her feel full-and so she basically stopped eating or ate very little. thats how she lost weight. search up the surgery its become more popular now-but you need to be able to afford it too.

Answer #14

Anorexia??? /:

Answer #15

like your reply youseeme- you people honestly believe she lost weight through diet.. and exercise… she is on her way to a heart attack poor girl/woman got wrapped up in the whole hollywood circuit/circus dont aspire to be a wannabe my god there is so much more to life than emanciation my friends

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