Anyone know any good powermetal bands?

Power metal is my favourite genre of music right now and I love to hear new stuff from the genre, but I hardly come across any bands. I have a really good friend who got me into it and had me listen to some bands, and I want new stuff ^^ so please help if you can! =)

Answer #1

WOW! Lol. thanks for all of those!!! I’ll check them all out later on when I get home from school ^^

Answer #2

not really sure what power metal exaclty sounds like…want to give an example of a few power metal bands? ill see if I can give you some more… probably wont be able to though ><

Answer #3

nice :o.. I was thinking more along the lines of bands like Altaria, DragonForce, Virtuocity, Wintersun, Kotipelto, Sonata Arctica, Revolution Renaissance, Avantasia, Adgar, Rhapsody of Fire, Edguy, Warmen, Elvenking, Falconer, Axenstar, Widescreen Mode, Twilight Guardians, Twilightning, Royal Hunt, Stratovarious, Dionysus, Silent Force, Racer X etc. ^^. if anyone can tell me some bands that sound like them I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! =)

Answer #4

Savatage, 24 Seven, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, DIO, Sabbath, 10 Bay 4, AC/DC (of course), Accept, Kemelot, Lizzy borden (awesome), Liege Lord, Metal Church, Drowning Pool, Omen, Opeth, Pretty Maids, Rage, Saxon, Symphony X, Stormwatch, Steel, Vicious Rumors, Warrior, Yngwie Malmsteen, Racer X, Armoured Saint…I could go on.

Some might disagree with the “power” designation on some of those, but they are all awesome bands. Check out some Savatage first, they are one of my favorites and they have been very influential. You have probably heard christmas in sarajevo by them, check them out on youtube before you spend your $$’s

Answer #5

hee! Interest to know that all yhese bands are power 98% of it are Heavy metal bands! I can give you some power metal band names—

Accept After Forever Aina Alestorm AlogiA Altaria Angel Dust Angra Reaching Horizons Angels Cry Holy Land Fireworks Rebirth Temple of Shadows Aurora Consurgens Aquaria Archontes Armageddon Artch At Vance Audiovision Avalanch Avantasia Avian Axenstar Axxis Axel Rudi Pell Balance of Power Battlelore Beautiful Sin Beto Vázquez Infinity Beyond Twilight Black Majesty Blind Guardian Follow the Blind Tales from the Twilight World Somewhere Far Beyond Imaginations from the Other Side Nightfall in Middle-Earth A Night at the Opera (Blind Guardian album) A Twist in the Myth Bloodbound Brainstorm Brocas Helm Burning Point

Cadacross Cage Catharsis Celesty Cellador Children of Bodom Chinchilla Circle II Circle Communic Conception Concerto Moon Conquest Control Denied Craydawn Cryonic Cryonic Temple Crystal Eyes

Dargoron Dark at Dawn Dark Moor Demons & Wizards Derdian DGM Dionysus Divinefire Domine Double Dealer DragonForce Dragonheart Dragonland Dream Evil Dreamaker Dreamtale Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki’s Neverland Dungeon


Kingdom of Madness Vain Glory Opera Theater of Salvation The Savage Poetry Mandrake Hellfire Club Rocket Ride Tinnitus Sanctus Eidolon Elegy Elvenking Epidemia Evergrey Evil Masquerade Excalion

Fairyland Falconer Firewind Forgotten Tales Freedom Call

Galneryus Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorrow Sigh No More Insanity and Genius Land of the Free (album) Somewhere Out in Space Powerplant (album) No World Order (Gamma Ray album) Majestic (album) Land of the Free II Godiva Grave Digger Grim Reaper

HammerFall [show] Glory to the Brave Legacy of Kings Renegade (HammerFall album) Crimson Thunder One Crimson Night Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Threshold (HammerFall album) Harmony Hawaii Heavenly Helloween [show] Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2 Pink Bubbles Go Ape Master of the Rings The Time of the Oath Better Than Raw The Dark Ride Rabbit Don’t Come Easy Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy Gambling with the Devil Helstar Hibria Highland Glory HolyHell Human Fortress AND THE BEST 5- NIGHTWISH Metal Church Manowar Sonata Arctica Stratovarius

Answer #6

PS. I’m going to see Seether, staind, and papa roach next weekend…awesome :)

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