Anyone have some fun games to play at sleepovers?

Anyone have some fun games to play at sleepovers? My Birthdays coming up so im having like 15 friends over to sleepover. Any ideas for fun games??

Answer #1

get alod of sauces, & different foods on a plate each per sauce/food & the person have to close there eyes, & the people around them have to pick up a plate for them & they ahve to guess what there eating

also theres

spin bottle truth or dare hide & seek in the dark

theres also this other game when everyone has one stickie & write on a sticker a famous person/charcter but dont let other people see it then stick it on someones head & then you have to go around asking questions to people to find out who you are & you cant look who you are!

Answer #2

I don’t know look on another site …

Answer #3

Play Fear Factor. If you’ve ever watched that show, you’d know they eat really gross things on there. And no, I don’t mean dig up worms or anything like that. I’ve done this once and I had to eat a rice crispy treat with mustard on it. Mix unusual foods together and play. Its funny.

Answer #4

electricity time

every one has to play a enlectronic device for 10 munites and then swap over it works for me so you should try it

Answer #5


Answer #6

play the name game, write down the same number of names of guys and gurls you know including yourself. then cut the paper so each name is on a little paper slip. then fold them up and seperate guys and girls then 1 person draw a guy and 1 draw a girl then those two people are matched up !!!

this only usually works for 2 people

if you really wanna havo some fun mix up the names into one pile or you could keeep them in their own pile and add pile #3. this one is the situations so you can see what these two people do together…

Answer #7

play dis 1 game where you have a girl lying on da floor and 1 person holds der arms up 4 about 1 min. den let her arms slowely down. it should feel like der flying 2 da ground! or you could put da back of your wrist pressed 2 an edge or corner so its like a big lin going across your wrist and den push as hard as you cn on it 4 about 36 sec.relax and your arm lifts up by itself. ITS SO WEIRD!!! der are other 1s but I cant explain dem as easily.

Answer #8

two truths and one lie-one player makes up two truths about them and one lie the other poeple in the group have to guess which one is the lie. its really fun and everybody bursts out laghing when something stupid is the truth. it a lot of fun with about 3-5 poeple

Answer #9

I am having a sleepover tonight and here are some games were gonna play- Chubby bunny- one person stuffs a marshmellow in their mouth and they keeps stuffing their mouth with marshmellows until you can barely understand them and the others try to guess what they are saying…

Light as a feather , stiff as a board- one person lays on the ground and everybody else puts two fingers under them . There should be no sounds but everbody muttering “light as a feather stiff as a board” TOGETHER and no else should be talking anything else. Make sure everyones eyes are closed. As closing your eyes and muttering the words you should try and lift the person up with only two fingers from each hand. If anyone opens their eyes then some how the person falls on the ground and gets hurt.( dont know how it does it, but theres like some supernatural power people say)

Charades-(come on you should know how). Were gon na play in teams.

Hope you have a great party and that these ideas help have a fun party!

Answer #10

for teens there is this really fun game called murderer! what you do is you get a piece f paper and you rip it into little pieces for however many people are there and you put them in a cup. but one piece should have a dot or x on it. everyone draws a piece of paper out and looks to see if they have to dot or whatever. you don’t show anyone and you can’t tell anyone. after that, you turn all the lights off and you go around the house with ALL lights off and just walk around. the person that has the paper with something on it is the murderer. they go around poking people in the dark. what happens then is if you are poked you walk iaround for about 5 seconds then screme really loud and drop “dead” you keep doing this until the game is over. but if someone thinks they know who the murderer is, the say accusation and all the lights come on. they make their guess. if the guess is right the game is over. BUT if the guess is wrong, the person that guessed drops “dead” and the lights go back off and the game continues!

I know it is really long…but it is such an AWESOME game!!! espically with a really big group in a big room/building. but make sure everyone knows where they are going because if mot, those people will just stand there and be easy targets!

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