anyone ever have a crush on a fictional character from anime/manga?

Hey, random question…Has any of you ever had a crush on a fictional character from an anime or manga? I have, once or twice…I actually harbored feelings for Tenten (the chinese- looking girl from Naruto, in case you don’t know), ‘because she reminded me of a real- life girl I liked. Same series, different character: Hyuga Hinata (the shy girl with the white eyes, in case your new to Naruto)…just ‘because she’s cute and sweet, ‘n all that. Oh, and before some moron gets the weird assumption that I don’t have a life, I DO have one, so back off. Btw, I’m a soft-core otaku, so if you still find me weird, I don’t care, alright? If you think my question’s weird, DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING! It’s just a question, okay? But…then again, I can’t really stop you, can I? But seriously, I want some honest answers.

Answer #1

lol I like naruto… and sai believe it or not. I also like alucard from hellsing

Answer #2

@ chips: lol, perhaps I’ve found a new series to follow…?

Answer #3

lol I have..on american dragon drake long?? Jake? lol well yea..

Answer #4

actually, I have because I think that Kukai, Tadase, Nagehiko, Ranma, and many other anime/manga guys are really cute!!

Answer #5

@ hopefullover: Thnx for the answer, and btw, I thought that about Misty, too…but for me, it wasn’t enough to qualify as a crush, lol. And I know it’s not weird…I’m just a little paranoid that I wouldn’t get many nice, civilized people like you answering…which would mean I’d get the cyberbullies, lol

Answer #6

I know this is an old question but I HAVE the biggest crush on hinata right now! holy crap she is sooo friggen cute! a little naive but thats what makes her great!

Answer #7

Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop I’d tear that s*hit up.

Answer #8

by the way, just cauze I liked a v game charatcer doesnt mean im a total loser. I have real crushes 2. like now I like this guy named bruce. hes sooo cool.

p.s.- I probably shoulda kept that thing about bruce in…

Answer #9

I have to be honest I’ve had anime crushes a lot of times and I dream about them being my girlfriend. right now its Yoruichi from bleach. I know that probally sounds weird but its the truth

Answer #10

Yes.For me that’s quite normal.Chad sado from bleach is my current,before that was…renjibleach,then it was vash the stampede,then it was kenshin,the first one was quatregundam wingWith fictional characters,you know they cant wrong you.

Answer #11

um… actualy yes. I am a total gamer and I love pokemon, are and c and I am absolutly in love with kingdom hearts. I actualy had a crush on sora… you no the main character? I thought he was soo cute. hes is cute in the 2nd 1 too…

Answer #12

Anime crushes are normal for me, I have a life though. It’s not wrong to dream. Anyway, my current biggest anime crush is Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass.

Answer #13

I’ve totally been there. right now im crushing on yuki sohma from fruits basket and renji from bleach and kyle from peach girl and inu yasha from well, inu yasha. hahaha. but just because I like anime characters doesnt mean that I dont like real people. I have a few other crushes here and there :D

Answer #14

actually I kinda used to think Misty from Pokemon was kinda cute hahaha and that isnt extremely wierd, I bet a lot of people have, not many would admit it though.

Answer #15

@ ohyouknow:

I c, that’s pretty cool! However, I’d appreciate it if he laid off the hip-hop slang a bit…lol, but that’s just my opinion. Other than that, I think he’s pretty cool. Oh, and btw, it’s “Jake”, just so you know

Answer #16

@ animerulez:

I apologize for my slowness, but who are Kukai, Tadase and Nagehiko? I’m familiar with Ranma, but who are the others…? What show(s) are they from?

Answer #17

@ v4nina: Y’know, my girlfriend may kill me for this, but…I feel the same way. But then again, Hinata somehow reminds me of her (my girlfriend, lol)…so win/win for me, XD.

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