How can i loosen up my vagina?

hellow...actually my family is very conservative..I cant go outside without my mom..I m engaged...but my fiance went to another country for some vagina is really too tight..and I don't where can I found lube or sex toyz..I want to loose my place...I did masterbed with baby cucumber...that time I used vaseline but my vagina is too tight so that I cant push that properly..please don't laugh:( I really need can I loose my vagina??

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I think having a tight vagina will be best for you and your partner to increase the level of satisfaction. No offense but a loose vagina will only reduce the level of satisfacttion and your partner may not enjoy the sex. Your soon to be husband just have to understand your weakness and strengths and know how to insert his penis in you properly cause people with very tight vagina do have sex ok.

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You Guys Ovbiously Dont Understand This Woman Is Obviously In Pain! Don't Worry Dear Ask Your Man To Get You More Aroused, Try Having Foreplay For Longer Also Getting Him To Go Down On You Really Gets You Going! If Not Lubrication Is The Key, Mak Sure He Goes Really And I Mean Really Slowly And Gently Or He Could End Up Tearing Sumthing You Don't Want Torn! Also Carry On Using That Cucumber Girl But Make Sure Its Clean And It Wears A Condom ;) That Can Really Help Loosen It A Tad, Enjoy Yourself Sex Shouldn't Be A Stress x

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Why do you want to loosen it in the first place? Having a tight vagina is MUCH better hunny.

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Yep a tighter vagina makes sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner. Loose ones reduce the sexual friction (if I may call it that, haha) and hence the sensation will will be lesser for you and for your partner. Why exactly do you want to loosen it?

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because when ever we try to do sex..he could not push it in me properly...because my vagina is too tight:(

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I have the same problem...well, with my wife. she is too tight and I dont fit.

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well looseing your vagina isnt really good. a loose vagina will decrease the pleasure in sex. does it hurt to insert a tampon? I know mine does. im young and I have to use pads because insertinga tampon hurts really bad. I went to a OBGYN and this lady did a test on me and put a q-tip up me and it hurt so bad I was crying. so im scared that if im curious and wanna try to get fingered or have sex that I will be in pain and njo be able to go through with it. and also I know this might be weird but like when I go to sticka tampon in its just not a hole I see theres like stuff blocking it and I don't know what it is? unless my hole is too small and I cnat see it? please I need help

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I wish I had this problem .lol
well does your boyfriend have a problem with your vagina?

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you guys are all dumb. shes judt trying to loosen it so she can actually havesex. shes not saying she wants to be flapping all over the place, she just wants to be able to enjoy sex without too much pain. obviously tighter is better. but too tight, means none at all. some people..

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he should just try making you arroused or get a vibrating egg and place it on your clit. natural lubricant is all you need

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@stephanie & yummeh; Actually, my vaginas too tight to have sex with my boyfriend more than acouple times a month so there is actually such a thing as being too tight, and that might be a reason for even asking how to loosen up a bit.

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