Anybody know if theres a free online version of the sims?

Anybody know if theres a free online version of the sims, im going to buy sims 3 soon but I just wanted to use it online until I get it xxx

Answer #1

unfortunatley kdsmm is 100% right downloading a free version of any copyrighted game is illegal and fines and consequences of software are incredibly large. downloading something that you didnt pay is effectivley stealing the software. I know many who downloaded bootleg versions and beta copies before it was released which are also illegal if not released commercialy. people these days use torrents to download and distribute games across the internet. you can download the sims 3 offically from EA website and pay for it electronically ( credit card). but in all honesty online downloads of major distributable games can lead to a lot of bad things because most of these files are made by hackers leechers or other shifty net characters lol im just saying online downloads of free games are not as reliable as buying an offical copy from your local store where you have warranty and other things in case something goes wrong. I would rather know I could take it back if it was damaged or didnt work than download it and it failed or the file was corrupt and my computer had a lot of viruses as a result. Plus no one wants a huge fine for copyright infrigement.

Answer #2

habbo hotel stardoll (not really but its a cool website) google your question and loads of websites come up or google ‘’cool websites for teens’’ ‘’websites like sims’’ good luck

Answer #3

Yes, unless you pay for it, downloading it from a site is illegal. The company who makes the product (EA games) doesn’t receive any profits for you playing their game. There is a download for the sims 3 online that you pay for- that wouldn’t be illegal. So if you try to get it for free and succeed then TECHNICALLY you’ve stolen it (according to the way the piracy laws are written and enforced).

Answer #4

careful kiddies- you’re playing around with piracy laws… just a heads up. :)

Answer #5

OMG so its illegal? D:

Answer #6

there is a place you can download it just google download sims 3 online. or bit torent

Answer #7

is it free?

Answer #8

they are very right I found a few games rather simaler though that are created for free that you make loggins for there are the following: I would have to say I think meeze is closest to the following sims game so maybe you could check it out!

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