Any suggestions on games to play?

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any games they think that I should play.I have pc/ps2/psp/gc/ds! The kinda games I like are any tales games,all the Atelier iris,Disagea,shining tears,shining force exa,suikiouden,etc! I also like harvestmoon,animal crossing,Mario party games. I was also wondering if the ps3 would play ps1 and ps2 games?Right now I’m going to try finalfantasy online! But I would like a back up kinda game.I GET MAD AT GMES EASILY! Has anyone played Ar tonelic melody of elemia or y’s ark of napishtim?

Answer #1

I <3 toontown!!!if you like games that are like real life you will luv toontown!!!

Answer #2

I <3 toontown it’s really fun!!!if you like games that are kinda like real life you will luv toontown

Answer #3

well if you like harvest moon, rune factory might be liked, but you might get mad at it easily, because I did. let’s see… final fantasy I&I, I’ve, V, VI for GBA(ds) are good, so is the megaman battle network series.could ya maybe list the DS games you have that could help a little.

Answer #4

Animal crossing wild world, Luminous ark, Lost magic, Children of mana, Tales of innocence, Lunar dragon song, Tales of tempest, Tao’s adventure:curse of the demon seal! These are my ds games. My ps2 games are: Atelier iris eternal mana, Atelier iris the Azoth of destiny,Atelier iris the grand phantasm,Mana Khemia alchemists of Al revis, Disagea hour of darkness, Dot hack 1,2,3,and 4, Wild arms 4 and five, Dark cloud 1 and 2, Shining tears, shining force neo, shining force EXA, Kingdom hearts 1 and 2, Tales of legendia, Tales of the abyss, Monster rancher 3 and 4, Star ocean till the end of time, River king,Tales of destiny 2! Game cube games are: Luigis mansion, Mario party 5 and 6, Harvest moon a wonderful life, Harvest moon another wonderful life,Harvest moon magical melody, Animal crossing, Super monkey ball, Ribbit king, Evolution worlds, Sonic mega collection,Sonic riders,Sonic x directors cut,Zelda collectors edition, Wind waker, Twilight princess,Amazing Island…SUX, Shadow the hedgehog,Hello kitty roller rescue, Pokemon XD, Pokemon colliseum,Tales of symphonia. psp games are:Dragons Aria,Final fantasy, Ashtonia story, PopoLo Crois, Legend of heros tear of vermillion, Legend of heros prophecy of the moonlight witch, Legend of heros song of the ocean,Tales of world radiant mythology. Play station games are: Chrono cross and trigger,Lunar blue 1 and 2,Spyro 1,2,3, Tales of destiny 1, Hope this helps

Answer #5

I luv playing monster hunter freedom 1 and 2 for the psp they r very great games everyone that I know who has it luvs it it gets very addicting but will make you mad.

Answer #6

wild arms is a really good series of games :)

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