Any ideas for writing a book?

I’m a young writer and im working hard right now to publish a book before I go to college. im usually bursting with ideas but lately I cant come up with anything that I can stick to. im really into characterizations and realistic stories with unqiue twists and messages in them. im pretty open to most ideas but im looking for something unique but not too out there. any ideas?? thanks! :)

Answer #1

ooo! I love this!! I’m similar to what you like too. Well I’m a bit younger but I’ve been writing since I was 3. I have WAY too many ideas. I’ll donate some to you and go ahead and take ALL the credit:

(romance) 2 people (I assume guy/girl but choose what you want) are worst enemies because they are complete opposites, or so they think. This guy climbs a tree one day (never thought up a reason why he would climb a tree…) and he finds a note and reads it. He replies back to the note and finds out about this mystery person who is writing notes in the tree. They end up falling in love but once the guy catches his worst enemy in the tree. He thinks she is reading his note and he yells at her to get out of there. She screams and falls out of the tree. Her neck is snapped and she is instantly dead. and in her hand he sees the note and realizes she was the mystery person. And he killed her. It’s a depressing one, but that was a bit of the point to it. It was really sad and in the end he moves on.

Nothing is going right in this person’s life. I don’t know this is a pretty vague idea. Let’s say it’s a girl, um, Jen Evanalo. Her sister is into drugs, her mom is a nervous wreck and she thinks she’s being stalked by some weird guy at school. Then she meets this person online. Fred O’Doyle (random names) plans to build a boat all his own and sail around the world. Basically he is just the kind of escape that Jen needs. And that’s all I got. I mean it could take all sorts of different directions. Like the weird stalker gets worse, Jen meets Fred in real life, Fred goes missing and only Jen can piece together the clues… whatever.

something completely random… Alex (random name) gets kidnapped and she doesn’t remember a thing. Meanwhile you’ve got all kinds of perspectives about everything to piece together the mystery:

Alex: It is dark but I think there is a window somewhere. I see the moon; it is a crescent moon just like Donnie said. He is such a dork. (yes maybe she could think weird things like that in the middle of being kidnapped, for the humor…)

Sophie: I haven’t seen her for days now. I think it’s official that Alex when missing. I bet it was that weird guy at the gas station. I bet he’s using her for awful things like sex. (the friend that’s a little “off her rocker”)

Donnie: I just can’t pay attention anymore. I know that if I look away from the blackboard I’ll see an empty space where Alex should be. Why isn’t she there? She was so beautiful… (the hopeless dork…)

see this way you could create a whole bunch of different characters and stuff and make it into a good story…

Answer #2

Publishing companies now have all the resources to publish books with the same productivity and efficacy as that of regular black and white books you see in physical bookstores. Considering the fact that most books are in full color, you should choose a publishing company whose book’s are of the highest quality, bar none.

Traditional publishers just don’t know a good thing when they see one. Not all traditional publishers actually made the BEST decision when it comes to choosing books. Do you know that several best selling authors have been turned down by publishers? Stephen King, author of Gone with The Wind and Chicken Soup have been rejected by publishers and were not even given the second glance.

It’s fun that you get to see your book published with the same expertise and professionalism as the regular books that you see in bookstores.

Self-publishing entirely means that you get to retain full control of your book’s production and that it gives you the option to publish your work and claim authority of the photos that you have chosen to be published.

Best of luck! :)

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Answer #3

I thinkk writing is a great thing I wrote my own book once. I think you shoulod either write a bout yourself or ask around and see what people would read thats how I started

Answer #4

im startimg my book im going into the seventh grade this year so I wanna get it published before colledge but I have time

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