Any got any nicknames for my name, lindsey ?

My name is Lindsey and I don't have a nickname, anyone got any suggestions? :)

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I call my best friend Lyny-bell sometimes <3

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My names lindsay .. I get Linz, Lindsay lu, Lulu, Lilu, Liz ..

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lisa? O.o

aww, thanks :D

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li (lee)

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what you think about LISA?

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hey :) my names lindsey too
I get linds, lindsey-loo, bubbaloo, lindsey baby, lindsilicious, lindstopolis, lindsamillion, lindzilla (from my dad lol) and I can't think of other ones
Hope that helped :)

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hiya my name is Lindsey !
ahah, anyways.
I get called Linz; Lindsey-Lou; Lion (don't ask lol) and Lynn.
hope it helped !

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