Any good movies to watch?

I’ve seeen maad movies, but maybe someone else has seen something I haven’t. Help me ouutt?

Answer #1

Atonement, The Departed, The greatest game ever played, Fracture, Finding neverland, Prestige

Answer #2

a few other good movies are Out Cold. Wild Hogs, Idiocracy, and Meet the Robinsons

Answer #3

Okay for horror, go for movie like Texas Chainsaw masscre, Nightmare on Elm street, um Shutter (I’ve never seen it but just a suggestion), um, Friday the 13th, the old ones, the old Texas Chainsaw movies, Saw movies, any of the zombie movies like Resident evil or Silent hill <—(good one, weird ending), um night of the living dead, stuff like that. For comedy go for superbad, Strange Wilderness, adam sandler movies, um anything with like Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill like Accepted or something.

Answer #4

the hangover it is great

Answer #5

the count of montecristo is a really good movie any time and initial d

Answer #6

I’ll try and look up some of the titles you’ve given me and hopefully your advice helped. But I’ll look them up. Thankz both, ladydon07, and ohsarah. <3

Answer #7

Like what? Um one I just watched was Donnie Darko, I loved it. Um Sweeney Todd, Tenacious D, um depends on what kind you like. I like classics like The Godfather and other movies with Marlon Brando. Who’s your fav actor and I can name some movies. I have seen many movies!

Answer #8

I recently watched Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind and I thought that it was one of the best films that I’ve seen in a long time.

The Butterfly Effect is really good too

Green Mile Shakespeare In Love Juno Halloween Nightmare On Elm Street The Notebook The Lake House

Yeah, why don’t you try googling “top 100 films” and have a look at the lists on there. Or go on IMBD.

Take care x

Answer #9

Well I mainly like comedy and horror, so like anything in that category. It would help a lot. (:

Answer #10

Horror: Saw series the Ring Parnormal Activity(scared the hell outta me) The Eye The Grudge Dead Silent Black X-Mas the Mist Vancancy

Answer #11

Iron Man National Treasure 1 & 2 The Day After Tomorrow Surrogates Stealth Transformers 1 & 2 James Bond series Bruce Almighty I’d say more but I can’t think of them…

mrxhpluvr21: Now what, we have here, is a failure to communicate.

Answer #12

Some of my favorite movies are Titanic, National Treasure, Gone with the Wind, Pirates of the Carribean (the first one is really good, but I didn’t really like the other ones), Monster in Law, Donnie Darko, and 50 First Dates. Enjoy!

Answer #13

Most of the movies these poeple tell you to watch pretty much suck with the exeption of a few. I will now provide you with a small list of movies I think you will enjoy;


dawn of the dead(the old one)
silver bullet
the thing(by john carpinter)


balls out: gary the tennis choach
the foot fist way
zack and miri make a porno

I hope you likey ohh and ghost town is funny and cute if you think brittish accents are funny

Answer #14

deth race.

Answer #15

You might try “The Fall”. It’s excellent.

Answer #16

you can watch friday the 13th. if you like horror movies. if you want funnny movies. watch american high school or pinapple experess. :D and you are welcome.

Answer #17

mighty piethon and the holey gral (I spelled a lot wrong) Fight Club Cool Hand Luke and thats all I can think of

Answer #18

A Clockwork Orange (I love Malcolm McDowell!) O Lucky Man! (A comedy, also starring Malcolm McDowell.) Return of the Living Dead =] Juno 10 Things I Hate about You Hellraiser Stand By Me The Outsiders Freeway The Lost Boys License to Drive (with the Two Coreys! haha)

Anyways, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Answer #19

hmmm, let me think. there are only 2 horror movie to actually kinda scare me. the grudge, and mirrors. and for comedy, get something like, monty python and the holy grail.

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