Antivirus/antispyware: safety first or business first?

Why is it that Powerful AntiVirus/AntiSpyware is/are not free?
Why are they making business of the Safety of the people on the internet?

As if you're giving a vaccine to african people while they pay you?
Can't Just Microsoft Make a powerful free Antivirus/AntiSpyware and ask the people to donate?

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Always business is a opportunity which is generated so do is the security industry..

It is always some thing a point of debate that where do this virus comes from so I think you do got a point

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It's like anything that isn't essential, because obviously you don't need an anti-virus. As it's not essential they are making money out of it. And people are buying it because although you don't need it you're going to make life a lot harder with out it.

Plus who would donate money to friggin' Microsoft and Bill Gates???

What is the electrical safety?

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norton and mcafee of course

What happen if I have two antivirus and one doesnt work?

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