Why is everyone turning anti-Fall Out Boy?

is it just me or is like everyone turning anti f.o.b.& why

Answer #1

Ok let me just say, WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE MUSIC CERTAIN PEOPLE LIKE? I mean I don’t go around saying music you guys like sucks.

And please don’t say FOB is gay. Gay is a sexual perspective, NOT a mean word to call something!

Second, FOB is my favorite band of all time, and have done great things for the world (have you even HEARD of Invisible Children?) They have committed their lives to making good music…sure a few of them have made a few mistakes, but don’t we all? I mean, sure, maybe their not your thing, but you don’t have to go trashing on them.

I really dislike country music, but you don’t hear me going around saying its not good music, because for someone out there, they love it…and I’m in no place to disagree with their choice.

Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy have put their heart and souls into producing great music. The lyrics are honest and sincere, and Patrick’s voice is unique and different. All of you may have your opinions that ‘he always sounds like hes out of breath’ but maybe thats just how its suposto sound, and guess what? It works for some people. INCLUDING me.

I HOPE this has changed some peoples views on this AMAZING band.

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Answer #3

ahh hell na! no one I mean no one talks about pete that way.&SOME of there song names are long…but there really good songs..

Answer #4

a lot of people at my school like them. hmmm…I personally think they s*ck but I am not anti-FOB. but then again I go for the heavy stuff

Answer #5

ya know what sawah.. I dont like yuu.. so stay off my site. dont answer my questions.. they are NOT temporary.. the only temporary thing is your ugly face.. wait thats forever even when old & still ugly.. youll be breaking mirriors

Answer #6

you jst copied what she said.

Answer #7

to random x FOB stand out cause patrick stump has An AMAZING voice Its really unique and original And they have really great lyrics as well I LOVE fall out boy Theyre great I hate people who say bands are bad Theyre not bad, you just dont like them theres a difference

And remember, for every one person that doesnt like a band, there’ll be ten that do

Answer #8

well yea but it’s still o whatever.. I love them now & always will.. theres latest video I love that one..but I dont really understand the meaning of it..

Answer #9

Erm… Actually Pete plays bass Joe Trohman plays guitar and patrick too

But thanks for agreeing (:

Answer #10

youre right lanner405 patricks voice is amazing.& pete’s guitar…

Answer #11

They’re not really all that talented, and like Sarahhh said, they’re just trendy…and people are getting over them.

Answer #12

Their music is as cheesy as cheese, their songs names are ridiculously long, only wannabes listen to them, and Pete is just a pretty face.

Pretty much a passing fad. =]

Answer #13

I still love fallout boy! They are so awesome! I don’t think that they could make a song that I didn’t like!

Answer #14

HAHAH fall out boy…Honestly can you point out what’s special about them? what makes them stand out from most mainstream bands? I personally dont NOT like them because they’re mainstream because that seems to be the excuse for some people. but mainstream doesnt mean anything at all. BUt anyway, the reason I dont like them is because theyre music is nothing special, and they dont stick out from any other bands out there.

Answer #15

Hahaha, your response to me was silly. And that was most definitely NOT a burn. A good burn is something smart and witty, not a “you’re ugly” war. Very immature.

I am an advisor, and can have your account deleted if you keep this up. You asked a question, you get answers. You don’t get to choose who answers and who doesn’t. I will answer whatever question I desire, whether it’s yours or anyone elses. If you feel like you might get an answer that you don’t like, maybe you shouldn’t have asked the question in the first place. And as you can see, I’m not alone in my thinking about FOB.

Answer #16

ooo burn lol

I don’t know I like them… I never thought that they were the best band in the world but I did like them…

and unfortunitely music follows trends just like everything else… whats popular one minute isnt the next… people that just follow trends and would probably jump off a big if they saw someone else do it…

it doesnt mean that FOB sucks or anything…

Answer #17

man I didnt no that well I still loveee fob!

Answer #18

I love fall out boy.

Answer #19

Because Fall Out Boy is just another temporary fad boy band who lacks the talent and creativity to last for any extended length of time. If someone is anti-FOB it typically means they didn’t like them from the beginning. If you’re asking why they’re not so popular anymore.. refer to my first sentence.

Answer #20

OKay. Kpkuhne.

wow. who cares? if you like them like them. if somone hates them let them hate them. its not your business. Personally I dont find there music close to amazing at all.I think its horrible. and I doubt that it would change because its what THEY like, not what EVERYONE Likes.so dont cry about it if someone thinks they suck. its life..

Answer #21

A lot of bands come and go, for a while people like them, and then they get sick of them. Its the same with styles of music - Disco is the prime example of a popular music style, that most people grew sick of and rebelled against (even marching in the streets to get it banned off radio stations). Not everyone feels that way, but its just what happens - much like fashion, somethings all the rage one minute, and then its not the next.

Oh and I would really suggest you don’t pick a fight with Sarahhh… its not a fight you would win under any circumstances, even if she wasn’t an Advisor.

Answer #22

F.O.B Is Gay Ok. End Of Story.

Answer #23

to lanner405:

FOB stand out cause patrick stump has An AMAZING voice hahaha no. not really.(opinion wise) but he sounds like hes dying and out of breath most of the time,you cant hear what he says, pronounciation suuuckkkss.and sometimes it sounds like hes straining. yeah its a voice I never heard before making it unique, yeah but other wise its nothing special. he needs voice lessons badly.

And they have really great lyrics as well which lyrics are you refering to?…cause from the lyrics I heard they really dont say WOW thats great.

I hate people who say bands are bad Theyre not bad, you just dont like them ill agree with you on that

Answer #24

I LUV FALL OUT BOY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3V

Answer #25

um…I hate them lol sorry but I think its cause of all the new genres and bands coming in the f.o.d. arent as good as before and stuff lol

Bee xx

Answer #26

Sarahhh’s flexing her authority muscles… swoons

Answer #27

i totally agree with sarahhh, and plus you can’t tell someone to stop answering your questions. especially not an advisor ;)

Answer #28

I like them still

Answer #29

fall out boy is the BEST EVER PEOPLE well maybe not the best but there pretty good

Answer #30

uh “brokenxxx” I don’t know why you’re calling “sarahhh” ugly, you’re the on who looks like your mother was a beaver.

Answer #31

im not im in love with that band! and I always will bee!?!

Answer #32

I dont f*cking hate them ilove them

Answer #33

b/c f.o.b is gayyy. he he. =] I love you do.

Answer #34

because they are ugly!! :[

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